July 23
evening walk

July 23
favorite vintage apron

July 23
summer afternoon

July 23
found in the backyard

July 23
fun in the country kids’ swimming hole

July 23
still falls asleep on daddy’s back

July 23
dishwasher’s broken; Larkspur filling in

July 23
If you build it they will come (???)  (not yet.)


I’m very tired.  Silas must be teething because he has started waking up throughout the night again.  (no picture to go with that one.)



  1. Love love love! All your pictures show the love. As always thanks for the inspiration and a glimpse into your days.

  2. Lovely summer moments to cherish!
    Sending you wishes for a restful sleep.
    ~ joey ~

  3. Oh Ginny I am thinking of you – My little guy is right there with Silas, so I know how that is 🙁 I checked today and he has two molars coming in, poor thing!! I hope some relief comes fast for both you and Silas. <3

  4. Great post Ginny! I hear you on the sleep thing. My now 6 month old has been getting up a lot lately and I’m exhausted!

  5. Sleep deprivation is not fun! My husband just said he’d like to get bees…. I told him I knew he would… he’s now gone upstairs to read your blog! xx

  6. it’s always so hard when they start waking again, isn’t it? i hope he starts sleeping better so you can, too. wishes for a better week for you!

  7. Lovely pictures, and hope he will be back to sleeping more soon.

  8. I really love this post. Such beautiful pictures.

  9. The hammock picture is lovely (I’m a fan of black cats) but I especially love the picture of Larkspur at the sink doing dishes.

  10. Lindi Gamaroff says:

    so lovely thank you .X

  11. A very sweet post! Happy Tuesday! +JMJ+

  12. Nice catch of water in mid-air! What a good way to cool off in this heat. I love that hammock – where did you purchase or make it? Here’s to a little more sleep for mama soon…

  13. oh those darn teeth. makes those nights seem so long. thank goodness for coffee that is all i have to say. LOL
    i wish your bees would come home! and i love that apron. 🙂

    • oh and BTW… i made my first quilt!!! all because that quilt you made for silas. thank you so much for the inspiration. i am now on a quilt making frenzy! i have so many plans and so much fabric coming my way!!

  14. Sad that the dishwasher is broken AND the bees do not know how good of a bee life they have…..I hope the bees return soon.

  15. Sounds like a fun time. I love the pictures. Have a blessed day! 🙂

  16. Dear Ginny,

    Sometimes just a few words speak volumes…of happiness, busy-ness, family, and warmth. I love peeking in here, thank you.

    xo Jules

  17. That (teething) seems to be going on at our house too. Just when we get cocky about him sleeping through the night, another back tooth pops up. Hope you can sneak in some extra rest today!

  18. A simple, beautiful post…love it!

  19. Good Times! Good Times! Enjoy your summer and let us know if the bees will come. Hope Silas sleeps through the night again soon.


  20. Our dishwasher also broken and my kids also filling in, but doing dishes outside, or our kitchen would look very like your swimming hole!

  21. Oooh, a hammock! That’ll be on my to do list for next summer.

    Sorry about the dishwasher. Ours went out in January and I really missed being able to procrastinate doing the dishes…

  22. A lovely post Ginny, when we have heavy rains here, our whole driveway fills up with water and makes a large ‘swimming pool’ in the front garden. Our children run out and play until the water is soaked back into the earth. Such fun!

  23. Love seeing the children’s country water spot, my babies use to do the same thing here or else they would wait until after a rain and play in the mud on the drive. Making good memories!

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