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Quince & Co. Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Quince & Co.  In their words:  “At Quince & Company, we sell handknitting yarn mostly sourced and spun in the US. We use wool from American sheep and the yarn is spun in New England. We’re committed not only to ‘local’ yarns, but to fibers yarns that are grown/made responsibly in other parts of the world–if we can’t source the same thing here. E.g., we import an organic linen yarn–the fiber is grown in Belgium and the yarn is spun in Italy. Our basic wool line consists of four yarns all in different weights and structures–all come in 37 colors. And we also have an American wool/silk blend.”  You can also follow along on their blog.


Quince & Co. recently launched a week of shawls.  In their words:  “We decided on a week of shawls because people seem to love them. Piper’s Journey was the best seller in our Scarves, Etc. collection. I particularly liked the assortment we had in our shawl week–lacey and traditional, to texturey and modern.

(hyla brook)




For this giveaway, Quince & Co. is offering one Small Things reader three skeins of yarn along with one pattern of choice.


For a chance to win, leave a comment on this post.  (one comment per person please.)  To receive 10% off your order use the code quince2 through the end of the giveaway.

The giveaway will close and a winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday, July 31.  The winner will be announced within this post.


Comments are closed.  The winner is Anne Marie “I was just drooling at their website this past week! Hoping to win!

Thank you Quince & Co.!

p.s.  The sweater that Beatrix is wearing in my header photo is Quince & Co.’s Immie.  I promise it’s not as challenging to knit as it looks.  I have the yarn on my shelf to knit myself one next!

Saturday Garden Journal

Saturday Garden Journal

Saturday Garden Journal

Christmas pole lima beans flowering

Saturday Garden Journal

green fleshed pineapple melon

Saturday Garden Journal

mystery squash from last time…any idea what it is now?

Saturday Garden Journal

My garden is a messy muggy jungle.  I can’t bring myself to clear the beds that need it, nor to do much of anything out there.

It’s just too hot and we were preoccupied with bees last week.  There is lots of growth, but we aren’t harvesting much right now other than potatoes, zucchini, and a few odd tomatoes (they really didn’t recover from the groundhog, but I did put in plants that will give us hopefully a late crop.)

I am looking forward to melons, winter squash, and beans….

How’s your garden growing?