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Big Meadows


We took an evening trip to Big Meadows this week.

We saw one bear, on our way up the mountain.  A scraggly looking thing. I love that on Skyline drive spotting a bear or even a family of deer is excuse enough to hit the hazard lights and come to a complete standstill in the road.  Strangers smile apologetically and wave to each other from car windows.  We all understand.

There was so much excitement as we arrived on the meadow.  It was 7 p.m.  and the latest we have ever visited. I wanted Jonny to drop me off at the meadow and then take the kids to the campground and feed them.  Everyone protested.

We were all starving, but couldn’t pull ourselves away.  Thunder rumbled and gray clouds floated across the sky.

We ate wild blueberries with the deer.  Beatrix announced that she had found the biggest blueberry ever.  Larkspur plucked it from her hand and ate it.  Beatrix shouted angrily, “God would not want you to take my biggest blueberry!” Larkspur apologized and quickly found her another.

Silas learned to pick blueberries.  As darkness settled we reluctantly headed out of the meadow.  Silas turned back and tried to return on his own, no doubt wanting to eat more blueberries.

We ate in the dark while watching a doe and her two fawns graze nearby.  The rain started to fall.  We drove back to the meadow just to stand on the edge of it and smell the air.  The smell of Big Meadows after dark in the rain is perfect.

Through darkness and fog we drove slowly down the mountain, knowing we’d be home way past bedtime.

I want to go back right now.