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a week away from home

Power's out
As I mentioned last week, minutes after we came across a weather alert that a storm was on its way, we were struck by a “super derecho” of thunderstorms.  We lost power before the storm even hit our house.  The gusts of wind were stronger than those of the hurricanes that have hit us in recent years.  Once the storm passed and we started to survey the damage in the dark, I called my mom from our cheap-o cell phone, standing on a piece of furniture to get a signal.  “I think we need to drive home tomorrow,” I told her. It had been nearly two years since our last visit. It’s a long haul to Georgia.

June 29 storm damage
Temperatures had been over 100 degrees the day the storm hit, and without power, our house was a hot muggy mess that night.  Windows open, we listened as chainsaws roared into the early morning hours.  The next day was sweltering as temperatures climbed again.  We’ve been without power for as much as a week before, and we are good at it.  But this time, it was just too hot.

June 29 storm damage
Jonny cleared branches from our van and I packed for the trip.  We packed in laundry baskets, one per person, because most of our clothes needed washing.  I learned that packing in laundry baskets (we have square plastic ones with handles) is actually pretty great, and saves time on the unpacking end of things.

June 29 storm damage
Our back porch isn’t shaded by a pergola anymore!


We arrived at my parents’ house at about five a.m. on Sunday. Later that day, my sister Abby arrived with her family.

Abby’s son Benjamin is so like Beatrix.

My mom laughing with Bea

My mom’s swamp, full of ducks, herons, snapping turtles, and lots of mud.

Later in the week, at Jonny’s parents’ house…



Jonny’s dad with Bea and our little niece.

Georgia trip
Back to my mom’s house, Jonny’s sister Rachel visited with her husband and girls.

We think that Lola, in red, looks just like Keats.

Now we’re at my sister Abby’s house.  Keats is letting his cousin Micah try his violin.


My mom holding Silas and my sister Angie’s daughter Peyton.  Peyton wasn’t thrilled to share Grandmommy with Silas.


My niece and nephew after being told they had to finish their dinner.

Laughing with my sisters:  Angie, and Abby.


We spent an evening with our best friends, Summer and Thomas, from our college days in Athens, Georgia.

We knew each other before babies arrived, and now there are ten kids between our two families.




Back to my parents house again, Grandaddy with the girls.

My mom and sister Abby.  Abby asked if she would make my blog if she did a craft.  Ha.

My Aunt Sue visited.  Seth shared his coin collection.

And the grand finale:  On our way home, we met up with friends in North Carolina.  What a huge gift.  (remember the teaching children how to knit post with my friend Elizabeth?)

Elizabeth was only two days post chemo, but she amazed us as always with her joyful presence.


Gabe, Seth, and Elizabeth’s son, Danny.  We adore Danny to the moon and back.


Larkspur had her hat with her, the hat she’s been working on for over a year now.  She was pleased to show it to her knitting friend.  The yarn was a gift from Elizabeth (you can read about the way Larkspur dyed the yarn in this post.)

Home again, with lots of clean up ahead of us, we’re so grateful for the week we shared with our family and friends.