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Echinacea is blooming.  This is one of the few perennials that has survived chickens and overall neglect.  They thrive amongst the weeds in what used to be my perennial bed, and is now essentially a big mess.

Last year we found one little wineberry plant in our backyard.  This year there are more.  These aren’t native to North America, and they can become invasive, but they are delicious!

Jonny, Silas, and I took a little walk around the backyard Sunday evening specifically looking for the wineberries.  These little walks are some of my favorite times, just looking to “See what we can see.”





with bea
Later, I attempted to sneak away for a solitary walk.  Beatrix noticed.

with bea
with bea
Each year these bushes, which form a gigantic hedge near our house, are covered in wasps, hornets, and flies when they bloom.  I had wondered if our honeybees would like them too.  Yes, they do.  I don’t know what they are though.  Can any of you tell me what kind of shrubs these are?  They are evergreen.

with bea
Beatrix almost never stops talking, and while that can sometimes start to wear on me, on this evening walk I was grateful for her little chattering voice.  I actually started feeling nervous as we walked an overgrown path through the woods.  A large bald faced hornets’ nest was knocked from a tree in the area where we were walking recently.  Seth has been speculating that the bear that was spotted on numerous occasions in our area a couple of years ago might have been the culprit because bears eat hornet larvae.  Beatrix wasn’t the least bit nervous, but was excited to spot deer tracks and daisies.  I am sure that the bear moved on a long time ago.  They don’t typically hang in our neck of the woods.

with bea

p.s.  We (well, Jonny actually) have been painting our downstairs living areas over the past six weeks or so.  It’s been a veeeeeery gradual process so far.
old paint color
This room is a real mess right now.  Jonny is almost finished with the walls at this point though, so tomorrow my shelf can go back on the wall and be stuffed with all that fabric and yarn.

new paint color
The new color (Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore.)  This is the first panel that got painted and was the only thing painted for weeks because I initially said that I couldn’t go through with it.  But as the weeks went by I got used to it and started feeling like I could handle having something other than beige walls.  That made Jonny happy because he doesn’t care what color we paint, he just doesn’t want to buy paint and then have me change my mind about the color having already spent the money!  If he can just figure out how he’s going to cover up the insulation that is showing over the new windows, that would be good.  The (very old) unfinished wood trim along with the wainscoting will stay unfinished, but all the other trim is in the process of being painted white.  I’ll post more pictures when it’s all finished.  Of course that could be years from now.  Seriously.

p.p.s. Thanks for your sweet words on Friday. I appreciate you all so much.


  1. I love your life. I’m reminded so much of my childhood which makes me even more grateful for my mom. The shrub is Euonymus japonicus. We had one in my yard growing up. I was always amazed by the pollinator buffet.

  2. Hi Ginny,

    Could that shrub be Portugese Laurel?


  3. Nichole G says:

    Jonny might have to take the top door trim off and then he can cut a piece of dry wall to fit.
    I think. Anyway, I love your blog. It is peaceful.

  4. Beach glass is beautiful ! Excellent choice!
    Thanks for the info about wineberry, I have never seen it before.

  5. That colour is much prettier than the margarita mix green that makes my bedroom walls glow. I agreed to decorate a friend’s house this year, except it’s been three months and he still hasn’t finished patching the drywall or installing baseboards. Meanwhile, the kittens are having fun destroying the drop cloths protecting the furniture in his basement.

    Love your yarn/fabric stash. I’m slowly starting to build a yarn stash but it’s hard to decide what would be a good addition or how much I need to buy.

  6. I have to agree… I LOVE the color! My bedroom walls are very similar. Wishing you a happy week! +JMJ+

  7. I love the paint color! Looks great!
    And thank you for letting me take up a couple minutes of your time at the conference on Friday afternoon. You were so kind. I was nice to meet you in person! 🙂
    God bless!

  8. I like your paint color! You can always cover the insulation area with painted over cardboard until you get something permanent figured out…..my grandparents actually used cardboard and then put wallpaper over that..and later painted over all of it in the upstairs of their home….it worked for them. 🙂

  9. Jessica says:

    Hello. I hope that your weekend went well and that you are feeling better. I love those first two photos with Jonny and Silas. That light, its very vintage looking.
    I also like your wall color choice. We have lots of colors going on here but I think I’m ready for a change in the main living areas as well. I love your color choice. It looks great with white and with different wood finishes. Hope it goes on the walls a little sooner than a few years from now.

  10. I think it is a tea olive:) or if the leaves are hard, it may be a type of Holly – Nellie Stevens. It is hard to tell from the picture. Tea olives have a beautiful smell. The holly would not.

  11. Silas looks like Larkspur in those photos. 🙂

  12. We have a couple of those bushes – I have always thought they might be inkberry, but don’t know because they were given to us as cuttings. They’re attractive plants, except for the swarming flies!

  13. I am in love with the yarn/fabric pile in your picture. Way to be a true crafter at heart! 🙂 Good luck with the painting, and praying that the Lord keeps your family safe!

  14. Again, too many things on which to comment!
    Love love love the paint color. That is the color I wanted my dining room here before we thought we would be building a new house. I still love muted blue-greens and green blues…

    Am in love with Bea’s dress. I always see Bea in these great dresses and think, “I want to make one like that for Gemma!” This may be a dress I’ve commented on before. I love the fabric. And Bea is indeed looking big these days. And Gemma chatters all the time, too…

    I think we have the same fly-attracting shrubs. By our windows. Yet one more reason we seem to have flies in the house all summer long.

    Silas’ face as he is airborne is wonderful! Have a great week, Ginny!

  15. Love the new color of your walls. Painting takes time. My hubby is a master painter…but very slow. We have been in our house for years and there is still painting to do. I think God wants me to learn patience! I loved the pictures of your walk. It is so beautiful and green! What a delightful way to spend a Sunday evening. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  16. You DID go with that blue/ green! I think it looks lovely. Seriously. I thought we would get sick of it here, but now I can’t see our living room any other way. I was thinking that maybe a bit or barn board or some tiles might be a good remedy for that bit of insulation over the window.
    Our home is a place in constant improvement. I can relate. Fran constantly has a project brewing here and there.

    PS. I adore your walks. And Bea is a precious little companion in that sweet dress.

    I hope your rough patch turns smooth. Lots of hugs to you.

  17. Katrina says:

    It’s good to take your time (when you can) for painting-I think it goes on the wall when you aren’t rushing. The clutter and waiting is something that can be a bit of trial-especially in a main room. I am always in a rush to get things done and it never comes out the way I imagine-keep the final outcome in the back of your mind–it is such a lovely color. I hope your spirits are lifting. I have been keeping you in my thoughts.

  18. Michelle says:

    Hi Ginny! I think those shrubs are wax leaf ligustrum. We used to have those as well, and those fragrant white flowers were a magnet to nectar loving bugs. They do smell delicious!

  19. Ginny, how truly very blessed you are. A patient husband who sounds very hands on as a father and who does some nice work around that house. And being able to take a nice walk on your property too? Our walk would be done in a few minutes… I know how frustrating partially finished house projects can be – we have many right now.

    Beatrix is a wonderful girl! I have one who loves to talk (and rather monotoned at that). It can grate on my nerves, but then… I realize that when he’s gone, I’ll miss it. Funny, when my 2nd son was that age, he talked your ear off too (now I can’t get him to say more than 2 words -must be the early teen way) and we joked that he could commit the perfect crime…talking someone to death…no evidence at all save the odd way the victim would be found: hands overs ears. 🙂

    Well now that my comment has turned into a book, I’ll sign off… Sorry.

  20. Be a looks so old in that photo. Love Silas’ look. So happy. Hmmm…I grew up in a house where projects took forever. With a family of my own, I now totally understand.

  21. I love all of your photos, but the ones of Silas really make me smile. He is getting so big and has such a sweet smile. I love the Beach Glass wall. Very lovely!

  22. Ginny, I must tell you how wonderful your wall looks. Beach Glass is the same color I picked to paint our living area, but then had to put it on hold when I found out how my summer was going to flow.

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