accordions and butterflies

morning knitting

morning knitting
I’ve added knitting to our “school day” morning routine in hopes that Larkspur might someday finish the hat that she started knitting about a year ago.  Her attention span only allows for a few stitches at a time.  I read a couple of books while Larkspur warms up her fingers and then it is on to our letter themed day.  Today I read Amos & Boris, so excellent (makes me cry–but not the girls–don’t really want to make them cry) and a nice way to incorporate “A” and “B.”

accordian books in tiny boxes
A is for accordion books in tiny handmade boxes (issue one of Alphabet Glue.)

accordian books in tiny boxes

playing Ash Wednesday
A is for ashes and for pretending that it’s Ash Wednesday apparently.

B is for blonde headed baby.

Busy, blonde, blue-eyed baby (in a basket!)

balancing butterflies
B is for balancing butterflies.

balancing butterflies
These are so much fun.  My kids spent a morning making lots of them.  (Instructions here.)

I’ve got lots of “B” themed ideas for this week….

I don't know.
(unrelated but amusing.)


  1. What do you mean, unrelated? “Big bonnet”!

  2. Lisabeth says:

    lovely way to learn letters! so playful. I’m really appreciating how you’ve captured it too. just Lovely!

  3. Love the last pic! Only kids can come up with a hat like that.

  4. Hi! New to your blog! I am also a Catholic homeschooler…my eldest daughter started knitting this winter with a knitting loom. It is so easy and fun, it also gets the project done pretty quick so your daughter may like that!

  5. Yay! I love that I keep popping in to find mentions of your family doing projects from Alphabet Glue. And, I’m very curious what went into the book box that is labeled “flammable.”

  6. I fear I might be passing down the worst of my crafty tendencies to my daughter. She, too, has so many projects underway. I’m just know finding time to gently remind her to pick up where she left off and sitting beside her. Reading to her while she works is an excellent idea — and a great way for us to make our way through chapter books piled high that have peaked her interest.
    And, yes, so amusing. Love the last photo.

  7. i think that last picture could be “B” for bonnet. LOL

  8. My two oldest (4.5 and 6) love finger knitting. Of course, then, I’m not sure what to do with all the finished product It’s great that she likes to knit. She will always have something worthwhile to do!

  9. Knitting at the start of the school day is so terrific. Larkspur looks so intent on her beautiful work. And, in that last picture, she reminds me of one of the flower children from an Elsa Beskow picture book. She could be the iris. Thanks for the link to the balancing butterflies; we will be making many of those this summer!

  10. I’m so impressed with your daughter’s knitting! And I must say that your banner is completely beautiful… love it.

  11. I was chuckling at the “busy, blonde, blue-eyed baby in a basket”, but I had to outright snarfle at that last one! Too funny!

  12. Keep the alphabet and kindergarten-type ideas coming! Working on these type of things with my 4 1/2 year-old son currently. Thank you!

    Silas is the most beautiful, precious baby I’ve ever seen. Every time you post his picture, it makes me smile and ohh and ahh.

  13. and L is for LOVE this blog!

  14. Sandy Keith says:

    I taught my daughter to knit when she was about nine. She still knits to this day. I taught her to sew when she was in jr. high. She still sews to this day. I taught her to cross stitch when she was a young mom. She still cross stitches. Passing the “old” needlecrafts onto our children is a sort of legacy we give them. At least that’s how I’ve always looked at it.

  15. Love this! maybe it’s the homeschooler in me, but I love seeing posts that relate to your school days. On a totally unrelated note, did you get new cups for your kids? We incorporated a similar hanging rack and cup idea to try and reduce dishes washed, but our ceramic type of camping cups have seen better days now. Just curius if you found some that are sturdier? (the edges chip)

  16. B is for bonnet. Bada** bonnet? What a great idea. I am impressed at how far Larkspur has gotten on her hat-that she is still working on a project after that long. I am inspired.

  17. A is for adorable children!

  18. Jessica says:

    Lots of fun activities. I especially like the ashes and those little boxes. Have a great day.

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