more crafts for the girls (and me)

book bracelets

book bracelets
In keeping with last week’s “B” theme, I made little book bracelets decorated with buttons for the girls.  I was really pleased with their ease and cuteness.  Larkspur liked her bracelet, but scolded me because she says I am supposed to be coming up with crafts for her and for Beatrix to do, not me.

book bracelets
(once again, this project was found in volume one of Alphabet Glue.)

wool butterflies

wool butterflies
Using twigs and wool we made butteflies.  These are easy and fun:  a good, no preparation necessary, craft. (I’ve been buying my wool crafting supplies from Weir Crafts for more than a decade-love them.  However, Larkspur’s basket is overflowing with wool and balls of yarn that were gifts from her knitting friend right now.)

caterpillars with keats
On Monday, after a week of Jonny working every single day straight through the weekend and even Sunday night, I found myself unprepared with a fabulous “C” craft to begin “C” week.  Thankfully I was able to convince Keats that cutting out circles and helping the girls make caterpillars would be fun.  Beatrix’s caterpillar is kind of crazy in an awesome upside downish sort of way.

caterpillars with keats

caterpillars with keats
She kept claiming she was finished and I kept suggesting she add more (so I could finish math with Gabe!)

caterpillars with keats
I’ve got a list made…I’m thinking cats with wings (Catwings), crowns for the girls to decorate….and whatever else I can pull together for this week.  But really, I am thinking I want to get out of the house now that Jonny’s crazy work marathon is over (for now.)


  1. I love the butterflies! +JMJ+

  2. Melissa L says:

    Love the butterflies! What is Larkspur sewing/embroidering in the first pic?

  3. Eek! I must add these butterflies and caterpillars to our summer butterfly “theme”!
    Thanks for the idea! (I’m going to Pin it too if that’s ok with you?!)
    ~ joey ~

  4. We made bracelets like that a while back! The girls loved them, only problem was they filled the pages in about 15 minutes!

  5. Betsy M says:

    Your crafts look like such fun – especially those butterflies! If you need any other ideas Card for C and mail it to Grandpa or a relative. I have my kids doing that this week. (Not that we are doing anything half as crafty as working through the alphabet like you – just decided that the kids need to stay in touch more.)

  6. Those wool butterflies are so precious!

  7. Looks like a fun craft day. And those bracelets are too cute!

  8. Love the book bracelets and butterflies 🙂

  9. Take CANNED goods to a shelter or food bank to show COMPASSION….two C’s that take you out of the house for a bit.

  10. C is for chickens!!! Clover chains, crayons, and chopping (help you out with some vegetable soup!)

  11. Teresa C says:

    What about a bit of Canning? You could use some of your garden’s produce…

  12. I love all your ideas–so clever. I love the book bracelets–the buttons are a great touch! I am curious now that you have almost completed 3 letters in your curriculum on how you have incorporated learning the letter sound and if you are teaching the letter formation? Do you review the letters learned thus far? Is your Larkspur needle felting?!

    • I actually use the letter sound when we talk about each one, more than the actual name. I am not focusing on letter formation with Beatrix (she’s just 3 1/2), but we do have sandpaper letters that she traces with her finger. Basically, I am not worried about much beyond having fun at this age. I just like the structure and ideas that the preschool curriculum provides us with. And, yes Larkspur needle felts. I have been letting her for years now. Beatrix tries to as well, but she makes me nervous!

  13. Is it possible that you could explain how you made the wool butterflies. They are beautiful and I would love to do them with my grand daughter. They look like they are felted.

    • Basically we just wrapped wool around twigs for the body, and then fluffed up pieces of roving and tied them around the middle of the twigs for wings. Some were needle felted a bit just to shape them and to help the wool stay in place around the twigs.

  14. I was on the beach yesterday and found a shell with a message (blogged about it yesterday)—and immediately thought about you and your crafty, creative children…’s a long way to “M” for message or “S” for seashell, but it was a clam shell….might count for “C”. Someone had fun sending it—I certainly had fun finding it!

  15. Book Bracelets with Buttons are Beautifull! 🙂
    Nice crafts. Almost a pity, that I already have a big boy. 😉

  16. I love those little book bracelets! I think my daughter (and nieces) would love them!

  17. They look like they are having such a fun time! I loved playing with my mother’s scrap yarn when I was little.

  18. What great crafty ideas! I love the caterpillar – that is exactly how my Sophie’s turned out when we did it!

  19. Cupcakes 🙂

  20. Jessica says:

    Oooh. Love those little book bracelets. They’d make a cute gift. Do the boys needle felt at all? I’m considering it for my boy (or knitting).

    • Sometimes they do, and Keats likes to knit as well. They do more of those things in the winter though. Right now they spend most of their time outdoors.

  21. Is that a blue police box I see colored in the corner of the last picture? =D

    • I don’t really know what it is….something someone posted on facebook, Cinderella is in the picture as well. Larkspur saw it over my shoulder and wanted to color it, so I copied, pasted, and printed it for her!

  22. What fun crafts! Those book bracelets are adorable. I sometimes have a hard time coming up with crafts for the littles too. I keep thinking of what would be fun for me to work on. 🙂

  23. We headed to Monticello this weekend, and it was so very lovely. I actually thought her caterpillar was balloons at first. Then I spotted the eyes. What fun!

  24. Those butterflies look great. What fun for your girls.

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