a shawl for my friend

Amy's Shawl

Amy's Shawl

Amy's Shawl

Amy's Shawl

Amy's Shawl

We attended our parish picnic Sunday afternoon and it was a hot and sweaty event.  My kids ate hot dogs, burgers, and cotton candy for maybe the first time ever for most of them.  There were lots of moon bounce things and other fun stuff.  I waited in line for one bouncy thing with Keats, a knitting bag hanging from my wrist while I knit away on a baby cardigan sleeve.  He waited for about half an hour or more to get strapped into a belt of sorts so that he could bounce and flip on a big inflatable trampoline.  He loved it and definitely thought it worth the wait.

I wonder how long till my kids are embarrassed by public knitting?  I wonder if I look like a total weirdo knitting in line?  I wonder if knitting at my parish picnic counts as participation in World Wide Knit in Public Day?

Saturday night I finished knitting my Spighe di Grano shawl while Jonny and I watched The Duggar’s on YouTube.  We don’t do a lot of “watching.”  The last show we watched regularly was Downton Abbey; very different than Lots of Kids and Counting.   I realize we are painfully late to start watching their show.  I did buy their second book, and Seth and I are taking turns reading it.  It’s not our usual sort of reading, but we like them.  It’s interesting to get a peek into their family life.

The shawl isn’t actually “mine.”  I knit it for a friend who had surgery last week.  I’ve been knitting and praying; praying for her.  Hopefully I can give it to her this week and hopefully she’s not allergic to wool.  The shawl is a surprise and I didn’t ask.  I think it’s pretty.

(all photos by Jonny)


  1. What a wonderful friend you are! My husband and I have recently been watching Super nanny and an episode of strictest parents in the world– is that the title? It’s a British show; too much swearing but very interesting.

  2. Wow, that is so lovely! Just exquisite. I would love for you to join my new link party for the fiber arts and share this masterpiece!

  3. The shawl is so very pretty – your lucky friend. I’ve popped that pattern into my faves. Might have to have a go too 🙂
    I spent two lovely picnics with my lot this last week, knitting. My kids don’t notice I don’t think. They might think that needles are just part of my body 😉

  4. Love that shawl. So beautiful.

  5. The only photo of me from a recent wedding is of Pete and I sitting beneath the spruce trees, me with a single sock in my lap on the needles. Always. Knitting. There are worse things we could do to our kids. Say an obsession with karaoke?

  6. And, you made your friend cry 😉

  7. Ginny,
    The shawl for your friend turned out beautiful.
    Look how blue Beatrix’s eyes look in that picture!

    Love, Taryn

  8. The shawl is beautiful! Stunning and lovely and delicate, as are you 🙂

  9. I often wonder if my kids think I’m crazy for all the public knitting I do, but then again when I’m running late, my five year old often says, “want me to grab your yarn?” So, I guess they’re just used to it. What a wonderful shawl, and your friend will loooove it.

  10. The shawl is beautiful and if she is allergic then I’m sure she can use it in her home. I’m allergic so this is one way how I get to enjoy woolen things! You have such a kind heart, I hope she’s doing well.
    ~ joey ~

  11. I love the shawl–so beautiful and elegant.

  12. Christina says:

    Love the shawl, the color is beautiful. I am sure your friend will be excited.

  13. I think the shawl is lovely and I hope she’s no allergic and will come well from surgery.

  14. The shawl is lovely… beautiful colors. We like the Duggars, too. JMJ

  15. Katrina says:

    Those tiny hands pulling on mama are so dear. The shawl, as always, is lovely. Your friend will treasure it. The Duggars hold a special place in my heart. I draw strength from their loving gentle ways.We practice “JOY” every day- thanks to the Duggars. Don’t beat yourself up too much over your gardening this year-please be gentle with yourself and think of all you are accomplishing during the waking hours.

  16. Oh, Ginny! It turned out SO beautiful! Well done. I knit in public, too. Usually when waiting at appointments. I’ve actually made a doctor wait while I hurriedly finished the last few stitches on a row, lol! He probably thought I was nuts. 🙂

  17. Beautiful yarn in that shawl. She will love it.

  18. I see nothing wrong with late night pizza once in a while! We’ve been known to do late night subs or tacos. Sometimes it just hits the spot! Lovely shawl, I know your friend will adore it.

  19. I think your friend is going to love the shawl and your thoughtfulness! The parish picnic sounds like it was a good time. I have trouble eating at picnics and potlucks., because I am a very picky eater.

  20. It’s absolutely gorgeous! YAY!

  21. It’s very pretty! And heaven help us if our children ever get embarrassed by public knitting–sometimes it’s the only chance I have to get some done!

  22. It’s very pretty. And elegant. And classy. Anyone would be happy to receive such a gift from a friend.

  23. Beautiful shawl — I’m sure that your friend will love it, and the colors are simply gorgeous.

    I wanted to thank you again for recommending Harvey Ussery’s poultry book. We checked it out of the library, then bought our own copy, and now we have added chickens to our yard! The advice in that book is so helpful and I love the focus on, as much as possible, avoiding overly processed stuff and feeding lots of natural foods, etc.

    I am way behind on my own weeding, but did manage to get a bit of it done, tie the tomatoes up higher on the stakes, and get twine placed halfway up my cucumber trellis this morning before the rain started. Little steps that, altogether, will make the garden grow.

    So many of my friends knit in public along with me that I think my daughter and most of her friends think that it’s just what mamas do…

  24. Have you considered going into the selling avenue with these beautiful shawls before? If so, consider one sold! 🙂

  25. such a lovely shawl! here’s hoping your friend isn’t allergic to wool so she can enjoy it as much as you enjoyed knitting it!

    and knitting at your church picnic DEFINITELY counts as knitting in public!

  26. lovely shawl. best example of public knitting I ever saw was a young twenty-something Singaporean Chinese man, strap hanging on a overstuffed late night bus through the central Sing (serious wacky races experience), managing to knit a little square of brightest yellow in between the jolts. I tried to surreptitiously get my camera phone out to snap him – but really I should just have had the nerve to ask what he was making!

  27. Beautiful! I have to admit that I love knitting in public for the little bit of attention it gets me when someone on the bus looks up from their mini-computer-phone checking facebook to see me actually using the time to make something. It’s started quite a few quality conversations!

  28. It is a gorgeous shawl, full of love and good intent. I love that it is all garter and yet the yarn and the pretty edge give it more depth and appeal that just plane garter would normally be. Your kids will never be embarrassed that you knit in public because that is just who you are and that is what they love. Have a wonderful week and kudos to the “almost” midnight pizza!

  29. The shawl is lovely indeed. The colors are spectacular. I love it, Ginny.

  30. I hope my kiddos never get embarrassed, although I am sure they will. Sunday was a bit warm. We head to Chesapeake Bay for a bit of water gazing. Lovely work on the shawl. I am sure it will be loved.

  31. I can relate to that lack of excitement in the kitchen lately. I think mine is coming from the fact that I think my baby is gluten intolerant along with dairy and egg. I’ve been breast feeding her ONLY for the past year. (she will turn one next week) to try and food eliminate certain things.

    She has eczema. The same as my son did, only worse. She is much more sensitive then he ever was. But, I figure if I can pinpoint this while I’m nursing her, the better. Though I’ll admit that I’m a little exhausted from feeding her around the clock like a newborn still. In the middle of the night, it’s the only thing that comforts her and helps her sleep when she is itching….even if mama is plum worn out.

    …sorry for the ramble Ginny! Somehow I took some comfort in your lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen and felt so not alone!

    Your shawl is splendid. A lovely color. I KNOW your friend will enjoy this.

    The first photo is precious with your daughter reaching for you…Jonny captured it very well:)

  32. Oh my it is so beautiful! It reminds me of chain mail made out of aged copper (Well the really close up shot, not so much from far away.) I love the first pic with those little hands on your belly. Beautiful.

  33. The shawl is beautiful and it is going to be such a lovely gift. I’m going to have to check out the World Wide Knit in Public Day.

  34. Jessica says:

    Very pretty shawl Ginny. Your friend will surely love it. The colors are great. I’m looking forward to the day that I can knit anywhere and everywhere. My kids are too young and I need to have my eyes on them.
    PS. We’ve done pizza at 10pm over here. with Ice Cream!

  35. Emily T. says:

    Knitting at your parish picnic definitely counts for WWKNIP day!

    The shawl turned out lovely and I hope that your friend recovers well from her surgery.

    I also like the Duggar family. I think they’re quite interesting and all around good people.

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