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on walks

Echinacea is blooming.  This is one of the few perennials that has survived chickens and overall neglect.  They thrive amongst the weeds in what used to be my perennial bed, and is now essentially a big mess.

Last year we found one little wineberry plant in our backyard.  This year there are more.  These aren’t native to North America, and they can become invasive, but they are delicious!

Jonny, Silas, and I took a little walk around the backyard Sunday evening specifically looking for the wineberries.  These little walks are some of my favorite times, just looking to “See what we can see.”





with bea
Later, I attempted to sneak away for a solitary walk.  Beatrix noticed.

with bea
with bea
Each year these bushes, which form a gigantic hedge near our house, are covered in wasps, hornets, and flies when they bloom.  I had wondered if our honeybees would like them too.  Yes, they do.  I don’t know what they are though.  Can any of you tell me what kind of shrubs these are?  They are evergreen.

with bea
Beatrix almost never stops talking, and while that can sometimes start to wear on me, on this evening walk I was grateful for her little chattering voice.  I actually started feeling nervous as we walked an overgrown path through the woods.  A large bald faced hornets’ nest was knocked from a tree in the area where we were walking recently.  Seth has been speculating that the bear that was spotted on numerous occasions in our area a couple of years ago might have been the culprit because bears eat hornet larvae.  Beatrix wasn’t the least bit nervous, but was excited to spot deer tracks and daisies.  I am sure that the bear moved on a long time ago.  They don’t typically hang in our neck of the woods.

with bea

p.s.  We (well, Jonny actually) have been painting our downstairs living areas over the past six weeks or so.  It’s been a veeeeeery gradual process so far.
old paint color
This room is a real mess right now.  Jonny is almost finished with the walls at this point though, so tomorrow my shelf can go back on the wall and be stuffed with all that fabric and yarn.

new paint color
The new color (Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore.)  This is the first panel that got painted and was the only thing painted for weeks because I initially said that I couldn’t go through with it.  But as the weeks went by I got used to it and started feeling like I could handle having something other than beige walls.  That made Jonny happy because he doesn’t care what color we paint, he just doesn’t want to buy paint and then have me change my mind about the color having already spent the money!  If he can just figure out how he’s going to cover up the insulation that is showing over the new windows, that would be good.  The (very old) unfinished wood trim along with the wainscoting will stay unfinished, but all the other trim is in the process of being painted white.  I’ll post more pictures when it’s all finished.  Of course that could be years from now.  Seriously.

p.p.s. Thanks for your sweet words on Friday. I appreciate you all so much.