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Busy season (is over)


chicken feeders

sick Keats

outside Pollard Hall

Keats' first recital

(updated to add:  Silas’ shoes are Livie and Luca–the elephants are particularly good for fat baby feet)


Groundhog was here

Our busy season is over.  Phew.  Outside of music lessons, we have no regularly scheduled activities this summer.  We are transitioning into our new school year, and our second year of schooling “year round.”  I prefer taking our longer breaks during the spring and fall rather than taking the summer off.  I’ll be doing lots of planning over the next couple of weeks and attempting to come up with an on paper family schedule.  Nothing extreme, but we sure do need some structure around here.  My sister finally convinced me to buy Managers of their Homes.  It seems like a program for the highly scheduled, but I am planning to use it in my own way to come up with more of a rhythm.  So, we’ll see how this goes.

This stomach funk is lingering.  Keats ended up getting sick late last week, but was well enough to play in his first violin recital on Saturday.  He is my shyest child by far, but didn’t have any problems getting up to play.  I am looking forward to some new music in the house now that the recital is past.  I have had one of Keats’ pieces stuck in my head for many, many weeks now.

I found an old outfit that was Seth’s when he was a baby and I dressed Silas in it all weekend.  It barely fits so I want him to get as much wear as possible out of it before I tuck it away again.  There is something so sweet about hand me downs.

I spent hours and hours in the garden this weekend.  I dug up all the garlic and I am pretty happy about how well it did this year.  I guess I planted elephant garlic last fall, because it’s awfully big.  Right on the heels of all that excitement though was the discovery that a pair of groundhogs ate the entire row of cucumber plants that Beatrix and I planted a couple of weeks ago and nearly destroyed all the Amish paste tomato plants that I so carefully raised from seed. Oh, well.  Gardening isn’t always that great.

Oh, and do you see our chicks?  They are looking a lot like chickens these days-not babies anymore.

I hope you all had a great weekend!