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Saturday Garden Journal

first potatoes

need to get these in the ground

need to get these in the ground

garden pest

can you spot the Intruder?

June 1st a.m.

We ate the last of the strawberries early this week.  That is always a bit sad.  Beatrix and I uncovered our first potatoes Tuesday evening and we ate them for dinner.  Then she and I spent the night very sick.  It wasn’t the best way to herald the new potato season.  I have two flats full of more plants than I really have room for and I was supposed to get them all in the ground this week.  Oh well!  Maybe in the next few days.  Jonny has begun clearing out the three remaining large beds that were full of crimson clover.  Intruder has been using the piles as a cushion.  If you look closely, you can see him in the last two photos cuddled up there.  He thinks he owns the garden so of course he shows up in most of my garden photos.

I have all sorts of winter squash ready in those flats.  I don’t have much luck with those because of squash bugs, but I always try anyway.  The sweet potatoes that I planted in an old wheelbarrow have sent up lots of sprouts so I will move them to one of the large garden beds this week too.  I planted a bunch of organic peanuts in between my rows of garlic.  The garlic needs to be dug now, and I am not convinced those peanuts are going to come up.

English peas are ready, but my kids haven’t felt like picking this week because of the illness.  Maybe this weekend!

How is your garden growing?