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Sparkle Stories Giveaway!

This weekend’s giveaway is from David and Lisabeth of Sparkle Stories!  I asked Lisa to introduce her family and share with us the story behind Sparkle Stories.

David is a storyteller & teacher; I’m a playwright by training and a producer by nature.  Sparkle Stories is the collaboration between us.

We do all of our writing and production from our home in Charlotte, VT.   Our kids are huge inspiration for what we do — the stories are often inspired by what they’re bringing to our lives each day.  Two of the primary story series — Martin & Sylvia and Junkyard Tales — were first “bedtime stories” for years in our house.  Our kids also get directly involved by recording with us.

How did Sparkle Stories begin?
Sparkle began in a divine-flash-of-inspiration.  I was online, looking for high quality audio stories for my boys.  I was searching for a regular source that I could trust would be age-appropriate & inspiring, but also fun; one  that I didn’t have to preview first!   And I was coming up short.  I saw that other parents were having the same experience.
And then I thought of David, who has this incredible gift for spinning stories.  In a “flash”, I saw his ability weave mesmerizing stories, at the drop of a hat.  He never seems to run out of ideas.   And then I had the thought: what if I could tap the source that is my unstoppable story-spinning husband, and turn it into a business?  It was one of those whole-body-goosebump moments.

About six months later we got started.

Sparkle produces fresh stories each week.  There are six different story series to choose from, and most everything is accessible by subscription.

Families log into their Story Box and download the stories at their convenience.  Downloaded stories can be played on a computer, mp3 player or iPod, or burned onto a CD.  The best place to learn more about Sparkle is our Testimonials page.

If you want to get a taste of the different story series, you’ll find samples of each on our Stories page, “Sample Packs” you can purchase on our Subscribe page, and free stories to enjoy on our Blog.

For the giveaway:  Lisabeth is offering one Small Things reader one entire month of all six story series, so the winner can get a taste of everything that Sparkle Stories has to offer.

She’s also offering an amazing discount to everyone:

$1-for-the-first-month of subscription.   Go to   and choose one of our Sparkle Stories Packages.  Use the magic code SPARKLING to receive your discount.
And finally, I just wanted to mention that there is currently a free Mother’s Day story available for download on the Sparkle blog right now.   You can download the story HERE.

It’s called  “Momma Opossum”, and it honors the good (and sometimes hard) work of being a mother.


For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post.  Comments will close and the winner will be announced within this post on Monday.

Comments are closed.  The winner is Anne:  “I’d love to try that out!”

Thanks Lisabeth and Sparkle Stories!