dyeing eggs with silk ties







A couple of weeks ago, a friend mentioned that she and her kids had dyed eggs using silk ties.  I’d never heard of doing such a thing, so we decided to give it a try.  Keats and I picked out the brightest ties from the Goodwill rack.  I sorted through our eggs, reserving the palest brown ones for dyeing.  This project is pretty simple, but not the sort we usually do.  I tend to focus on the process when we are crafting, especially if the girls are involved because of their ages.  The only part of the process that was little kid friendly was using scissors to cut up the ties.  After that, this was mostly a mom and big kid intensive craft although it wasn’t difficult and it didn’t take long to prepare a dozen eggs.

I was preoccupied with the stink of those ties the whole time though.  We wet them before wrapping them around the eggs and that released an awful smell, that for some reason only bothered me.  I don’t think it was related to the silk, because only a couple of them really stank.  It wasn’t a random smell either.  They smelled like the inside of Bill’s house.  I am not sure if I have mentioned him before.  (I probably have.  I’m bound to start repeating myself here at some point.) Bill was an elderly man whom I was enlisted to help about six years ago, back when I did a lot of catting around as Jonny calls it.  Bill lived alone in an isolated little old house.  As I pulled up to his house for the first time, I watched cats fly off his front porch and into the trees surrounding the property and knew I was at the right place.  Around back another bunch of cats went flying as I approached.  Over the course of weeks, I humanely trapped and transported all of Bill’s cats to the vet to be spayed or neutered.  In all honesty though, I was more concerned with Bill than I was his cats.  I became extremely fond of him (I wanted to buy a house with in- law quarters to move him into.  Dear Jonny actually took these wishes of mine seriously.) Bill lived in what I can only describe as deplorable conditions, but beyond letting me clean up his kitchen a few times and take his laundry home to wash (he didn’t have running water) he wouldn’t accept much help.   Jonny and I did what we could.  Bill didn’t have family, but nearby neighbors eventually helped him get moved into a local nursing home.  It took me weeks, but I eventually trapped all of his cats again, and moved them to new homes on farms.  His two favorites, “Tweety” and “Nubby,” the only friendly cats in the bunch, ended up on a really nice horse farm.  Bill died before I could take him out to the farm for a visit.

It wasn’t my intention to turn a story about doing crafts with my kids into a total downer.  I just couldn’t leave out that connection.

Back to the craft:  The best part was unwrapping the eggs.  Larkspur and I did that part together and we oohed and aaahed at how cool some of the eggs turned out.  Here are the directions if you want to try some of these yourself!  This really is a pretty neat way to dye eggs!


p.s.  In case you wondered what was wrong with Bea’s eyes in the second photo from the top, here’s a better look.  Larkspur gave her long luscious blue lashes this morning with a marker.  I keep meaning to put a ban on markers at our house, but never follow through.  (And the random pink spots are chicken pox of course.)


p.p.s.  This has been going on for weeks now, but I am sort of in denial and haven’t wanted to talk about it.  Most of my babies walked around their first birthday (I think?) with the exception of Larkspur who waited until about fifteen months.  Silas started taking a step here and a step there at 9 1/2 months.  I pretended not to notice.  Now, at 10 1/2 months he’s walking half the time and I cannot deny it anymore.  It’s ridiculous and adorable and he thinks it’s the best trick.



Isn’t that the sweetest little baby Si Si head?


  1. What a cute baby, he looks so pleased with himself. Your eggs look brilliant, something to try next year

  2. But he was born what seems like last month! It’s going way too fast! 🙂 A friend’s daughter started walking at that age too, and she was so tiny and delicate. Mine both walked around 15 months.

    That way of dying eggs is so neat. We’ll definitely have to try it when the kids are older.

  3. The eggs are amazing! And oh Silas, what a great trick! Sorry, Ginny!

  4. Wow, the eggs turned out beautiful!

  5. We’ve been doing these for years and we never get tired of opening them. Last year I discovered you can hollow out the eggs and then dye them.

  6. Wow they look amazing! And that is definitely the sweetest baby head. My fluffy blonde boy had his head pressed a little against the side of his cot last night, so naturally I smooched it (carefully).

  7. Those eggs are incredible–as are bea’s fabulous 70’s eyes. :). That baby head is too sweet!

  8. Those eggs are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing the process. Love Bea’s blue eyelashes!

  9. this is so cool! they are beautiful.
    i can’t imagine my baby walking… he’s only 6 days old and i want to bottle up every minute!

  10. I don’t find it surprising that Silas is walking at 10.5 months. He has five older siblings that have been dragging him around since birth…and since he has someone to chase, he wanted up earlier. My husband went from sitting to walking because his older brother and older sister refused to let him crawl.

    It’s okay though.

    I was about the same age as Little Man was when I learned to walk (11 months). It all works out 🙂

    Also, I’m going to ask the stupid question but does Bea really have chicken pox? I’m going to hope that it was a joke…..

    • No, she and several of the others just added red polka dots to their faces yesterday and called them chicken pox 🙂

  11. Beautiful eggs and beautiful little guy walking!

  12. Wow those are gorgeous eggs! We will have to try that next year. As for kids growing too fast it just is not fair!:)

  13. Whoa… those are beautiful…I mean it! well done.
    I noticed the lashes also…quite the trend these days says Pinterest…so way to be on point. 🙂

    Now a lens/camera question… I notice the focus of your pictures has really/recently taken a leap….aka the second to last photo really caught my eye…it’s practically 3D…it is really amazing…You are really amazing….So has anything recently influenced you? HAve you gotten a new piece to the equations… what lens did you take that photo with?

    Just loving everything here…meant to comment about the bees and how that was a great story… but the comments were neck deep and well…I didn’t know how that would go. Loved the story and forwarded it to a few bee keeping friends…

    • Wow, thank you! No, nothing has changed. I have been using my same Sigma 50 mm 1.4 lens for most photos, including the specific one that you mentioned. (and most often, especially indoors, I shoot with it wide open/1.4)

  14. I love the eye lashes and I believe my make up was as intense in the 80’s…..just sayin’. The eggs are beautiful!

  15. My oldest walked at 10 months. As a new mother, i was stunned and unprepared (and sort of sad). Then my second waited until 15. Silas is too cute. He looks very pleased with himself.

  16. And he’s a blonde blondy too! HE is so sweet. Lake started walking at about the same age…then came jumping, off of high places by age 1! And it hasn’t stopped since! Sigh. I think it’s just the way it goes with those babies with lots of older siblings to look up to. I love the eggs too. I totally want to do that next Easter.


  17. Your turned out beautiful. We did this a few years ago, and it did not turn out as nice. And oh boy did those ties smell bad. I think my sister and I were pregnant at the time and barely made it through the process. Love that baby head. Oh and marker are used in a similar way here.

  18. Your family’s eggs are splendid. I love the idea of reusing old ties and the designs are so intricate. The pictures you shared today are so sweet. There is nothing like siblings and walking little ones.

  19. Your eggs turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Maribeth says:

    The eggs turned out so pretty! We were supposed to try that this year but I didn’t get over to the goodwill before Easter. We did Kool-aid eggs instead and they turned out really vibrant. Oh, and yes that Silas head is just too sweet!

  21. Oh those eggs are beautiful! I have a boxful of silk ties upstairs that I’ve been collecting just for that purpose. I think we’ll use them next year, when Asher will be old enough to take part. xo

  22. Wow!! Those are beautiful! Your story about Bill touched me because I had two neighbours just like that. Today, Charlotte would be considered a hoarder…boxes and newspapers piled to the ceiling with paths winding through. We used to bring her dinner now and then. Charlie had cats and set his mattress on fire with a cigarette (by accident)…now, my children play in the empty lot where there houses used to be. So I know the smell of which you speak…also the smell of thrift stores! Must and cat pee and old people…
    Love the blue eyelids….my kids have been forbidden to give each other tattoos (but they do it anyway).

  23. Love the eggs!!! And go Silas go. He is just too cute!

  24. The eggs look really amazing!

  25. I love how vibrantly your eggs came out, so pretty 🙂

    And look at Silas! I love it when babies walk when they’re young – they always look too small to manage it. There’s something about that that I find adorable!

  26. Emily T. says:

    Those eggs are gorgeous! I bet my son would be interested in trying this out.

    Oh Bea.. ever the stylish and fashionable one!

    And way to go Si! Oh he is so adorable.

  27. Beautiful eggs…that aside, now:

    We had a Bill just down the road, only his name was Hubert. He and his brother Noel had lived together as bachelors all their lives. When Noel died, Hubert wasn’t doing so well at taking care of himself. He drove his car into a ditch and totalled it, and Bret stepped in to pick up groceries. I seriously don’t know how he lived as long as he did, seems he just ate hot dogs or bologna which he heated on a little burner, since his stove was out. He used a kerosene heater in winter, and an old outhouse in back, since the ceiling in the bathroom had fallen in. When he fell and had to go to a nursing home, we had to call Animal Control to pick up his dogs…about 15 beagles which ran all over the place.

    Bea’s make-up…are you sure you don’t give the girls hints to do this sort of thing for the photo ops? I’m kidding of course! Seriously, if Bea’s antics were the only things you ever blogged about, it would be enough to keep me coming back again and again!

    Adrian walked at 9 months, and he was such a shrimp that he looked like a 6 month old. People thought that he was seriously advanced. I couldn’t even find non-slip shoes in his size. And I still think Silas is the Cutest Baby Ever.

    • Nadja if sighing and moaning every time I discover that they have colored themselves, or coated their outfits in mud count as giving hints–then yes! hee hee. Yesterday I had put the girls in the bathtub twice before we even hit lunchtime.

  28. I just saw silk dyed eggs yesterday and really want to give it a try here. I wonder if I can talk the teenage boys into helping me?
    Thank you once again for the adorable pictures of your babies Ginny, they always bring a smile to my face, they are beautiful! But, you really do need to tell Silas to stop growing up so fast…he’s the baby for goodness sake. 🙂

  29. Bea, Bea, Bea…. That sweet girl always makes me smile! The eggs are beautiful. I have always wanted to try that- maybe next year.

    Silas is walking? Amazing! I suppose he is trying to keep up with his siblings- doesn’t want to be left out!!!!

  30. Teresa C says:

    Oh, Silas is adorable!
    And thank you for the egg dyeing directions, they turned out great!

  31. I have never seen eggs dyed that way before! Love the make-up and oh yes, a walking baby. When I think about my kids growing up I usually start to tear up! xx Rach

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