Sponsored Giveaway: Wooly Moss Roots

This weekend I am hosting a giveaway from Jeff and Taryn of Wooly Moss Roots. I have enjoyed getting to know them at Taryn’s blog, also called  Wooly Moss Roots, and have some of their beautiful buttons tucked in a drawer waiting for the perfect knitting project.  I know firsthand how gorgeous their work is and am so pleased to be introducing you all to to them today.  I asked Taryn to share a bit about her family and their business with you:

We are The Wilson Family- Jeff, Taryn and Bracken. We live on a small homestead in the Oregon Coastal Range. Our days are dedicated to each other, our family business, and homesteading pursuits.  Our family business began shortly after Jeff and I met. Jeff had spent much of his life “putting his dreams on hold” and having every job under the sun to make ends meet. When we met, he had two jobs, was working long hours (starting at 2 am) and was still struggling to pay the bills. He was sleep deprived and didn’t have enough hours left after his jobs to work on the homestead, which was where his heart was. I was new to homesteading and I was hooked. So we took a leap of faith, saying “why not?” quit all the outside jobs and started our business. (Plus, we were crazy about each other and wanted to spend all our time together, so having our own business was great for that too.)

We started selling at the local art market and opened our first online shop, Mystic Orb, selling natural wooden jewelry and wood creations for the home. We grew a garden, raised milk goats, and had eggs from our chickens. We were great at “living on less” and even when it was a challenge to pay the bills, we were always well fed.

We started branching out in our business. Jeff created some wood buttons and we were happily surprised by how much people loved them, so we started making more. As our items started expanding even more, we decided to open a second online shop, Wooly Moss Roots. We’ve been busy filling it with lots of handmade things- wooden buttons, wooly delights, and herbal goodness- ever since. We love working with wood, wool, and herbs.

We offer wooden buttons to make your handmades, that you pour so much time and energy into, even more special. We love to create handmade wooden buttons for knitters, sewers, crafters and creative people of all kinds! We’re happy to create custom sets for your projects.

To create our buttons, we start by selecting the most beautiful woods, which are almost always reclaimed and usually local as well. Then we slice them and each button goes through a long shaping and sanding process (at least four sanding and two polishing stages.) Then they are drilled, oiled with a natural finish, and polished on the buffing wheel. Finally we arrange them in families on a card. Each one lovingly handmade from start to finish. We pour a lot of energy into every button, treating each as an individual work of art.

We offer herbal goodness to nurture your body and spirit. We love having an outlet for sharing our passion for health and nutrition with the world and we feel really good about offering healthy alternatives to conventional body care products. We have herbal salves made with organic herbs from our garden (some in handmade wood boxes), organic herb seeds and plants, tooth powder (a healthy alternative to toothpaste), and natural perfumes made with pure essential oils. We’re happy to have a place to share the bounty of our homestead and are dreaming up many more products to offer soon.

We offer wooly creations to delight your imagination. You’ll find a few wool goods interspersed throughout the many buttons and herbals. Our wool creations are quite eclectic; from cowls, purses, and drawer sachets, to wooly creatures and dolls.

We truly love what we do and we feel so grateful when we can share it with others and bring them joy. Our motto is “Feeding The Joy… naturally.” Jeff says “Everything we make is a gift for someone and what could be better than that?” We work really hard and it’s all worth it.


For the giveaway we are giving away 6 items to 6 winners:
-3 Sets of Buttons (pictured above)
(1 carved tree button in reclaimed buckthorn wood. 1 set of 4 buttons in reclaimed western red cedar. 1 set of 6 buttons in reclaimed sassafras wood.)
-1 Magical Healing Salve
-1 Peppermint Tooth Powder
-1 Peppermint Lip Balm

In addition, we would like to give out two coupon codes:
Code: SMALLTHINGS20  will give 20% off and will be good from Saturday the 14th to Monday night the 16th.
Code: SMALLTHINGS15  will give 15% off and will be good for one week from Saturday the 14th to Saturday the 21st.

Both coupon codes are good at both Wooly Moss Roots, and Mystic Orb!

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post.  International entries are welcome.   Comments will be closed and winners chosen on Monday, April 16th.

The winners are:

Suzette   “What beautiful buttons, especially the tree button! I really hope I win.”

Hinterland Mama “I absolutely loved reading about Jeff and Taryn (Bracken is such a beautiful name).  I love their passion, love, ideals. Everything.  This giveaway is wonderful. Full of gifts. Truly.I am off to spread the word. I have several friends I know will love what these guys are about too, and their beautiful creations.  Thank you for introducing them, Ginny ღ

jackie  “The buttons are beautiful! and as a knitter they would look beautiful on a handcrafted article, but i especially love the herbal products!  Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!”

Pamela  “Those buttons are breath-taking!  I have a hand-knit baby sweater that has been waiting for the perfect set of buttons…I think that I just found them!”

Teresa “Wow, these buttons are gorgeous!”

Kimber  ”  I just love Jeff and Taryn’s creations..hoping to try their tooth powder soon too!

Thank you Jeff and Taryn!”


  1. I’m not sure whether the giveaway is closed yet, but I’ve only just had a chance to look at my bloglist 🙂 What a wonderful life they have created for themselves, kind of scary to quit your jobs but so wonderful to wake up each day living your dream. I’m off to look at the etsy stores!

  2. I have drooled over their products for some time now.
    They are certainly talented

  3. Joyce Gonyon says:

    What a wonderful story…..your family and buttons are beautiful. Keep going with your dream.

  4. lovely buttons.

  5. What beautiful buttons, especially the tree button! I really hope I win.

  6. Please enter me into this awesome giveaway!

  7. hope i made it in the giveaway…..i love their buttons!

  8. I so want to try that toothpaste powder.
    Tired of the toothpaste drama. Ran out of toothpaste,
    don’t want to do any more research, don’t want to buy
    anymore toothpaste no one wants to use, blah…blah…blah.

  9. What beautiful buttons! I would love to enter the givaway!

  10. So gorgeous. That tree button is breathtaking.

  11. Bernadette says:

    So lovely!

  12. Would love to win!

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  15. I am actually working on knitting my first sweater and a set of those buttons would be awesome for it!! Crossing my fingers!!!!

  16. What a generous give away…I would love a chance to win, and now I am off to check out their shop, because a coupon code is a generous offer as well.

  17. So beautifully crafted! Enter me!

  18. Victoria says:

    Buttons are the BEST!!! They would be perfect for my little girls Christmas stocking 🙂

  19. The buttons are beautiful, as is the green neck wrap.

  20. Penelope says:

    Those buttons are gorgeous! You can tell you love what you do. 🙂

  21. I have been drooling over those homemade buttons for some time now! Thanks for the chance.

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  23. such handcrafted goodness on these buttons!

    thanks for the chance

  24. What a fabulous story. Love to see someone living their dreams. The buttons are just beautiful. And I’m intruiged by pepermint tooth powder. Thanks for the chance.

  25. happy just doing says:

    What lovely, lovely buttons! Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  26. Those gorgeous buttons would go wonderfully on a jumper I’m nearly finished for my son!!

    I do love that one with the tree! 🙂

  27. alisa joy says:

    as a fellow oregonian…how could i resist?

    the buttons are absolutely lovely! and i love the mentality of “everything we make is a gift for someone…” beautiful. if only more people could feel this way about their work.

    thanks to everyone for the giveaway!

  28. Wow! They sound like amazing and loving folks! I adore their wooden buttons….. and all their lovingly crafted hand work. Just beautiful. I would love to win!

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  31. What a wonderful interview – and a lovely family truly pursuing the dreams. Thank you for the opportunity – and for the large dose of inspiration. 🙂

  32. What a great life choice, best of luck!
    Your buttons are beautiful!

  33. Oh, I have a few lovely things from Mystic Orb and Wooly Moss Roots! I’d love to add to my collection. And psssst: Glad to have found your lovely blog now too!

  34. Adrienne (Akaliene) says:

    I admire the Wilsons for taking a leap of faith and living their hearts dreams. I appreciate their labor of love in every item that they create. I am an avid fan and have purchased several of their items and can you tell you that I have never been disappointed with the craftsmanship or quality of their items. I read Taryn’s blog every time it is updated, as she reminds me that life is precious and to slow down and appreciate the small things. It would be a blessing to win one of her items. Thank you Ginny and the Wilsons for hosting this contest. Blessings and Hugs

  35. Tricia F. says:

    Such beautiful buttons! And a very creative and hardworking family. 🙂

  36. I love the wooden buttons from Wooly Moss Roots and have been coveting a set for ages now. Thanks for the chance to win one.

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  40. We have just moved to a place in the country and are taking baby steps toward a similar lifestyle so it was so inspiring to read about Taryn and Jeff. Thank you for sharing!

  41. Those wooden buttons look like the perfect thing to add to a bit of knitted woolen goodness!

  42. Jennifer Miller says:

    I’ve been following their blog for awhile and love it! The buttons are so beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. I love the buttons – the are so beautiful!

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  46. Manuela Rose says:

    Beautiful items!! A while back I ordered a magnet from their store and love, love, love it!!

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  50. Caroline says:

    Magical Goodness!