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April 12 with Larkspur

April 12 with Larkspur

April 12 with Larkspur

April 12 with Larkspur

Larkspur and I escaped for a little date yesterday.  Somehow she was still eluding the illness that is moving through our family.  The plan was to stop at our favorite little cafe for lunch before heading to the grocery store.  We took our lunch to the back patio and enjoyed the place all to ourselves.  Larkspur was her typical self, hardly able to sit still for more than a minute, giggling and being generally silly.  On our way out, we got distracted by the flowers blooming in the neat little beds surrounding the patio.  Larkspur admired the columbines, and I realized that I need Ajuga lining my front walk.  We ended up heading  to a local nursery followed by Lowe’s.  Larkspur chose a clematis, a foxglove, and several columbines.  I have a hard time saying no to flowers.  Larkspur claims she can’t resist them because she is named for one.  She just “loves” them all.  I think she actually paid attention when I explained the life cycle of a biennial to her, so I believe that our detour counted as homeschooling.  I couldn’t find the variety of Ajuga that they had growing there at the cafe so I settled for borage and bee balm for my bees.  I am thinking that I want to plant a few things around the bees’ altar (it looks like an altar, so that’s what I’m calling it.)

By the time we finished all of our errands, Larkspur was drooping and it became evident that she had not escaped getting sick.  It may be a few days before we get outside and plant our flowers.  They’ll wait.  I’m so grateful we squeezed our little date in.


  1. the poor dear. here’s to a speedy recovery (and a ‘get out of jail free’ for the mama!)

    we have oodles of purple ajuga, btw, so much i’m yanking out scads by the day. just say the word, and it’s yours!

  2. What a wonderful little adventure she got to have before becoming ill. She is so beautiful & getting so big!! Prayers that you all get better soon!!

  3. Larkspur looks so grown-up! Sounds like a wonderful day. Hope she feels better soon.

  4. Except for the sickness, it sounds like a wonderful date to me. I love when my mom visits or I visit her – we always have a date day. I really must make more of an effort to do this with each of my kids before they leave the nest…eventually…

    We bought a clematis last year from Lowe’s – it did miserably from day 1. I think I must have purchased a diseased plant or something. Disappointing. I hope to plant another soon and see how it goes.

    Love Larkspur’s braids!

  5. Borage is one of my very favorite plants. It grows like a weed, but doesn’t invade. It reseeds itself happily, and it is edible and very nutritious. The new leaves can be added to salads or green drinks, but the flowers are the absolute best- little ‘delicious to eat’ blue stars with occasional pink ones. They are lovely in salad or on dessert and have such a delicate taste- to me it’s like powdered sugar. You might already know all of this, but if not then I wanted to share. 2 more things- it prefers to be planted from seed to being transplanted and grows from seed to flowering very quickly, and to pick the flowers pluck them by the stamens and they pop off the plant. There will be plent of flowers to share with the bees!

  6. Your girl looks so tall there. I love ajuga too. So pretty! It really takes care of itself, and just loves to grow and spread.

  7. So nice to have that one on one time. She is just beautiful and so are the flowers.

  8. She look very pretty with her hair like that.

  9. Is Miss Larkspur wearing pants? She is usually in a dress or skirt. I treasure the monthly date days with my kiddos

  10. I’ll echo what others said: that picture makes her look so grown up. Thank you for sharing!

  11. She looks so grown-up in that photo! I hope she feels better soon:)

  12. Borage will be so lovely around your “altar”. I love how the flowers change from blue to pink after the bees have visited. Your kids will be able to see just how much activity is going on.

  13. That time with one is precious! What a wonderful day for you two!

  14. Oh, that scene of the field, or whatever – gorgeous!

  15. I do so hope the ‘virus’ leaves your house soon. Larkspur looks very grown up in the first photo!

  16. I hope she feels better soon! It looks like a lovely Momma/daughter date though up to that point. I love her shirt as well!

  17. Ugh! What is it? My kids are NEVER sick, yet the 5th one just succumbed last night! Hope she feels better soon!

  18. Ugg! It is SO tough with big families…sickness is more like a plague hanging around for.ev.er! How are you feeling? Somehow the last big blast that wiped through our house in Jan/Feb…I magically was able to be the only one to stay healthy…which is good because who the heck wants to be horribly sick on top of morning sickness when you are pregnant?! Have a wonderful weekend (or as best a one as you can with all those sickies in the house!)


  19. What a wonderful time with your daughter. I look forward to those little dates with my babes. Thanks for sharing! And I agree, saying no to flowers is difficult 🙂

  20. Perfect date. Hope she gets to feeling better soon, your entire household for that matter. I ordered A Book Of Bees, it should be here next week. So excited to read it and I am watching the documentary Queen of the Sun about the plight of the American Honey bee.
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  21. It sounds like the 2 of you had a lovely time. My girls and I love flowers too-just like my grandmother. I need to get out and plant some. I hope Larkspur is better soon.

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