On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

On Larkspur's 6th birthday

Larkspur had a wonderful day I do believe, and we thank you for your birthday wishes.

Six is big and little all at the same time I think.  I put together a picture book using My Publisher for Larkspur based on a simple story and series of photos I took almost two years ago.  I couldn’t help but notice how much she has changed as we looked through the pages.  (I think that if you click on the link, that you can see the book too.  The photos were originally part of this post.)  Larkspur and Beatrix love having a story that features them as the characters.

After all this spring weather, Larkspur actually had snow on her birthday!  It came down hard and beautiful, but nearly every trace of it was gone by late afternoon.  I found myself driving in the snow, running very last minute birthday errands. There were balloons, pink tulips, and a big girl watch for my little big girl.

My mind is all a jumble and I can’t find the words I want, a side effect of staying so narrowly focused for the past few days.  I am trying to find my balance, operating in full birthday recovery mode now, although I still have a big sewing project to finish up for Larkspur.  So more later, once my mind is behaving.


  1. She’s such a soulful, beautiful creature. Happy birthday, dear girl! xo

  2. Gris fleur says:

    The book is such a wonderful idea ! Well done.

  3. Hello and Happy Birthday to a very sweet girl indeed!!
    I must say that I do believe that you and I dear Ginny were pregnant at the EXACT same time and indeed GOD blessed us with a little girl too on the very same day…. March 6th 2006!! Can you believe they are 6!! I too have been in party/birthday mode and now have just caught up on all (well some) of the housework! Did you know it was their CROWN birthday!?? Is that why Larkspur is wearing a crown?? I wanted to get Sophia one but sadly I’m not a sewer and so it simply didn’t get bought/made!!
    I love sooo much what you share here in your little piece of the blogging world, and thank you so much for it!!!
    Again a belated Birthday wish and hugs from a fellow Mum of a six year old (just turned this Tues!)
    SMiles SHarnee 🙂

  4. DO you have an etsy store? because my oldest daughter turns 6 in May and that crown would thrill her soul. The other day I was talking to a friend on the phone and I casually mentioned Kayla would be six and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. SIX. Too big. I cried. I don’t know why it affects me so, she acts 16, but it was just a reminder that time flies.

  5. happy birthday sweet larkspur! love the idea of the book as a gift and of course, the photos of her in the snow. so dreamy!

  6. What a wonderful Birthday! I love the snow photos… Happy Happy Days, Sweet Girl!

  7. Wow, the princess book is wonderful. My girls (three and soon-to-be-six) would love this to no end. I am going to have to make the a book with their own story.

  8. Hi Ginny~
    I am new to reading your sweet blog! Love the book you wrote for your daughters~!! My two daughters have also written books they self published. They are precious books~! I have 5 little granddaughters and a grandson, and they grow up so fast. I know what you mean about 6 years old being big and small. God bless your beautiful home/family!

    My mind has been a little tired recently too! It sure is hard to think sometimes~! 🙂 ♥ But I think you did a great job!

  9. Happy birthday. It looks like a really great day for Larkspur. And I love the book, what a wonderful idea.

    Greats, Manuela

  10. Aww, what a great idea with the book. Happy 6! All those wonderful photos.

  11. The book is such a beautiful idea – I think a lot of us will be ‘borrowing’ that idea! And the photos in the snow are just spectacular – what lovely photos for her to look back at.

  12. Happy Birthday to Larkspur! I just saw you have Simplifying the Soul on your reading list. It’s been my Lenten reading as well – I’m loving the practicality of it. I must say, yesterday without mirrors was a challenge.

  13. If these pictures show the dress you made, it is adorable! Happy days at your house with a birthday to lighten up the winter.

  14. Wow, my little girl turned five today. It’s a good day for a birthday!

  15. Dear Ginny, Happy birthday to you and your sweet little big girl! I hope this isn’t the boring dress you mentioned, cause it is very very pretty! And I hope the rest of your sewing comes along well, and your mind too…

    • Thank you! Larkspur loves the dress. The other sewing is going so much more smoothly now. Pressure’s off and I am relaxed again. That makes all the difference.

  16. Is a lovely book, so funny that two bloggers that I read have a post on a personalized book for their kids (also Sew Liberated).
    She looks so much bigger.
    We will be celebrating my onliest son’s 6th this year too.

  17. The book is so beautiful! What a wonderful gift!!!

    Get some rest:)

  18. A very happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  19. What a wonderful present! All of them, but especially the book. I hope you ordered more than 1 copy so that when the girls are grown, they’ll each have a book and you too. How incredibly sweet. Your photography is gorgeous, as always.

  20. Happy birthday Larkspur! It looks like she had the perfect party! Love you photos.

  21. Happy Birthday to Larkspur!
    I adore the dress she is wearing.
    Beautiful photos.
    We spotted the first daffodil among the snow, this morning at our place.

    Love, Taryn

  22. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

  23. Sweet, sweet photos!
    My *baby* is 6 and I completely understand what you mean about it being old..yet still little! 🙂

  24. happy birthday miss larkspur!

  25. Happy Birthday Larkspur! My baby girl turns one tomorrow, and after seeing Larkspur’s cute crown, I think I’m motivated to try and get one done for tomorrow!

  26. Oh, I remember that post(!) and think that is a beautiful and special gift! I can’t believe she is 6. I often forget she is nearly a year and a half younger than my girl, as I often think they have some similarities. Perhaps it is solely in personality and temperament, not age and maturity. 🙂 Happy 6, Larkspur! So much growth happens this year for you!

  27. Happy Birthday!
    I am dying to know what you thought of the quality of the photo book? I scored a groupon deal for my publisher and I am hesitant to use it for our family photo shoot lest they are not sharp and crisp. I have been very unhappy with the quality of snapfish lately. Can you upload in RAW or do you have to turn them into jpegs post Lroom? Thanks in advance. . .

    • Well, that’s sort of a hard question for me to answer. This is only the second time I’ve had a photo book made, and I wasn’t using my best photos either time (I used blurb last time.) Considering that the photos that went into this book weren’t that great, I am really happy with how they turned out. I learned about My Publisher from Lori ( She and her husband are pro photographers and if she recommends them, I think they must be good. I don’t shoot in RAW so don’t know about uploading. Mine were all jpegs.

      • Thank you Ginny for your thorough reply. Loved the quick peek into Lori’s blog. She lives a stones throw from my family! I cannot wait to go back at her site and look/learn more.

        FYI, If you like the idea of photo books, there are many cheaper options other than blurb (but their quality is stellar). Shutterfly and snapfish run bargains all the time. If you sign up, you will get the deals. I think snappish is buy one, get one 70% off right now. Earlier, they had buy one get 2 free. Cant beat the price but for truly gorgeous photos, you get what you pay for.

        Have a great day!

  28. Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful gift idea! Happy birthday sweet girl! +JMJ+

  29. Ginny, the book is so wonderful! What a lovely gift. Happy happy birthday to Larkspur! It looks like she had a simply perfect day.

  30. Happy Birthday to Larkspur and to Mama. What a beautiful day. I especially love the photos of her meandering in the snow.

  31. Katie Murray says:

    Looks like a magical birthday celebration. What a wonderful mama you are. xo.

  32. Happy Birthday, Lark, I know you had a wonderful day. You have changed so much in the last couple years. You’re looking so grown up and beautiful. Love your book and I hope you cherish it for the rest of your life!! And your birthday dress was beautiful too.
    Love Marj

  33. I hope she had a wonderful birthday! I’ve used my publisher for a book and a calendar and was very pleased with the results!!

  34. What a clever idea!

    Happy Birthday to Larkspur.

  35. What a lovely, lovely photo book! I am sure Larkspur will cherish it in years to come. Happy Birthday to your dear girl!

  36. Love Lark’s birthday dress. Happy birthday, Larkspur!

  37. Happy Birthday Larkspur! You are a beautiful princess!

  38. I think Larkspur’s birthday dress turned out adorable! I love the fabric you (she) chose and the lace trimmed pockets are just what any 6 year old girl would love 🙂

  39. What a neat book & I love her birthday dress!! The pattern is so simple, yet cute, & I love the style!! Happy Birthday Lark!!!

  40. what a great birthday gift! so inspiring. 🙂 happy be-lated birthday to your girlie, and of course to you. <3

  41. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful young lady 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  42. Those photos in the snow are beautiful!

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