Nurse Nancy: One year, one week, and six days late.

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

Nurse Nancy

For more than a year I’ve frequently heard Beatrix crying out, “Nurse Naaaaaancy.  I need a baaaaaand aid!”  Beatrix loves to be the patient, and Larkspur loves to play Nurse Nancy.  Last year, for her fifth birthday, Larkspur requested a Nurse Nancy dress.  I meant to sew her one, I really did.  I was overwhelmed at the thought of creating something without a specific pattern to do so though, and it never happened.  This year for her birthday, once again, Larkspur requested a Nurse Nancy dress.  I was a bit more prepared as I had spent the previous year thinking about how I would go about creating one, and looking for the patterns to help.  I still didn’t finish it in time for her birthday.

I ended up using several patterns for the dress.  I used the actual pattern pieces from a Citronille pattern that looks similar to Nurse Nancy’s dress.  The pattern is in French though, and between that and the fact that I wanted to modify it to create a lined dress, I followed the directions from my Oliver + S bubble dress pattern.  I also spent some time with a friend’s lovely French speaking grandmother and she helped me figure out how to add the collar.

The apron I created myself.  I went round and round about how to add the little blue crosses to the apron and cap, and had originally planned to add them with fabric paint.  I think that would have looked better than the embroidered crosses that I ended up adding.  Friends suggested reverse applique, but I was not up for it, and Larkspur didn’t care one way or the other.

Regarding the nurse’s cap:  it’s pretty goofy.  It didn’t turn out quite how it was supposed to.  I may have another go at it.  But, more than likely, I won’t because Lark thinks it’s fine.  She is so glad to have the official outfit to go with her little case of bandages (but she still needs a stethoscope she says!)  While the right clothes aren’t always essential, in our case, they are making one six year old nurse very happy.  And this mommy is so pleased to check the “Nurse Nancy dress” of her list.


  1. My mom used to sew us the coolest outfits and she made costumes with stuff that we already had in the house nearly every time we needed one. She died in January and I miss her.

  2. I love her nurse outfit and I agree with her, the hat is just fine. It is so wonderful that you can sew so well.

  3. I can’t even imagine sewing something like that! You are so incredibly talented. I would have loved that as a child.

  4. The dress looks lovely. You should be proud. Great job!

  5. you are so amazing. LOVE this. your photos are gorgeous too.

  6. Melissa L says:

    How nice that B likes to be the patient and Lark likes to be Nurse Nancy; so convenient! G.R.E.A.T. job on the dress! I’m so impressed with all your skills Ginny!

    Still looking forward to the metal detecting post and can’t wait to hear more about the bees!

    ~Colorado Melissa

  7. You are amazing!

  8. What a great job you did with the dress–and I love the embroidered crosses. I think they are perfect. Nurse Nancy–we sure could have used your TLC this weekend….I’m sure a NN bandaid would have helped my kidney stone-d hubby!!!!
    (great pictures–as always!!!!!)

  9. Dear little Nancy, you´re looking wonderful in your dress! I need a band aid, too. 🙂

    enim Sou

  10. How gorgeous! You are so clever. My girls love Nurse Nancy – after I found the book in an op shop one day. And making a Nurse Nancy dress has been on my list since then. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. This is so lovely. Love the whole dress. I am sure your girl is more than excited about it.

  12. Its awesome!! Well done 🙂

  13. Has it really been a year? I remember when you posted about the thought of making it for her. Time flies! It came out perfect ( and I love that you lengthened the skirt – Nurse Nancy’s was quite a bit short!) I love it all. XOXO

  14. Oh, how adorable! We have the Doctor Dan book, but I hadn’t seen the Nurse Nancy one before. I’ll have to keep an eye out for a copy for my girls. 🙂

  15. I think is lovely.

  16. It’s perfect! You are such a good mom to make her dreams come true.

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