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February 2

There’s hardly been a quiet moment this week.  I don’t mean that in a bad way necessarily, but I am finding myself craving some silence.  The days are full, and my brain feels a bit muddled by the time the sun goes down.

Our dryer has been broken for two of the last three weeks.  Line drying is not a practical option with the amount of laundry that we generate, so it hasn’t been fun.  Drying Silas’ diapers on the line resulted in horribly stiff and scratchy diapers (and in case you are wondering, I use a combination of these diapers and these, with a small variety of wool covers.)  They were fun to hang on the line and look at, but considering that I ended up wetting them again so that I could re-dry them in a friend’s electric dryer, it was a bit of a time waster.  Someone commented that based on what she knows of me, she would have assumed that I would be a fan of line drying.  No, for practical reasons, I am not.  I’m not trying to be superwoman here.  I pick and choose, and walk the path that best works for our family and our lifestyle.  I am over the moon happy that as I type this I can finally hear my dryer running again, a few feet away.

It’s been warm, so my kids have been getting muddy.  I am sitting here trying to think of which one of my children is bothered by being dirty.  I can’t think of any, certainly not Beatrix.  So tonight as I sorted dirty laundry, one basket was filled with the clothes that needed to be sprayed off before they could even enter the washing machine.  Just a little preview of what spring and summer will hold.  I can’t blame my kids.  I like to get dirty too.

Jonny took the boys snowboarding this week for their first time this winter.  We’ve been waiting for cold weather, but finally realized that they best just go ahead and go, because the cold may never come.  I stayed home with the girls and Silas.  Larkspur and Beatrix had a pajama day and played “hospital” with their dolls.  Larkspur complained that she doesn’t have enough dolls, but has too many stuffed animals.  “It’s a problem because I am not a vet,” she told me.

(I pulled out the sewing machine last week and made Larkspur and Beatrix matching pajama pants. I lengthened my favorite super quick pants pattern from this book and sewed them in some Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi flannel that has been gathering dust on a shelf for too long.)

One of you asked if Beatrix cut her hair again.  Yes, I do think she has a new layer on one side.  Her bangs are growing out a bit and I sort of love them.  So, I guess I am glad that she cut them to begin with.

Finally, I am definitely joining Erin in her pursuit of letting go and living well.  If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with it all (no need to go into any more detail right?) go read her words.

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I made a small contribution of photographs for one of the parties in Anni Daulter and Heather Fontenot’s soon to be released book, Naturally Fun Parties for Kids.  I haven’t received a copy yet, but it looks like it will be beautiful just as all of Anni’s books are.  Anni is looking for bloggers who might be interested in receiving a copy of the book to review on their blogs.  If you are interested, please email Anni at annidaulter(at) and send her both your mailing address and your blog address.  You can check out the book’s Facebook page here, and read more about it (and see the book preview)here.  Thank you!