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Yarn Along

Having finished my scarf a couple of days ago, I actually only have one project on the needles now. (That’s not going to last!)  I am working on a pretty little shawl for a gift.  I really like this pattern, the Oaklet Shawl, because it stays simple until you reach the border at the end.  That makes it a good project for me to work on during the day here and there, especially while my boys read to me.  When I reach the border, I will have to start working on it after my kids are in bed.  The yarn is Springtree Road’s Julep, which I chose for the color because I think it is perfect for my intended recipient (this yarn is also just plain nice to work with.)

After seeing Tonya’s last Yarn Along post, I requested This Life is in Your Hands from my library.  It’s an autobiography written by Eliot Coleman’s daughter Melissa.  Her family’s story is interesting to me on many levels, especially because I have read one of Eliot Coleman’s books on organic growing.

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spring seashell scarf worn while shopping at overwhelming stores

spring seashell scarf

spring seashell scarf

spring seashell scarf

spring seashell scarf

spring seashell scarf

This afternoon Jonny and I loaded the whole family up to run a couple of brief errands.  The main goal was to take the kids to an ice cream shop so that Gabe could treat them with gift certificates he was given by his godmother weeks ago.  The ice cream shop is in the same area as World Market and the fabric shop (JoAnn) so I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to run inside those two places to grab a few specific items while Jonny circled the parking lot.  I should tell you that I rarely shop in large stores with the exception of the grocery store, and I only do that because I haven’t figured out a way to avoid it yet.  I have only been in World Market a couple of times (and I apologize to those of you who will have no idea what store I am talking about) and that must have been years ago.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have considered running in to grab one thing a simple task.  I remembered that the children’s items are in the back right section of the store, yet the second I walked in the door I glanced to my left and found myself pulled to the pretty dish towel section.  I paused to contemplate my current dish towel situation and checked price tags.  I wondered if I might need days of the week dishtowels in a rainbow of colors.  Before I could decide I spied a sale section and moved on.  I dug through the boxes for a minute and then noticed a display of little spice jars.  Those were cute.  I tried to decide if I needed some.  No.  I tried to pull myself toward the destination that was my original goal but everywhere I looked there was another pretty something.  That store is insane.  I made it almost halfway to the children’s section but then got sidetracked by the cloth napkins, again, in a wide assortment of bright colors.  I found myself deliberating between colors.  I chose robin’s egg blue.  I grabbed a set and carried them with me over to the toy section (I needed a specific item for a birthday present.)  I was able to quickly grab the needed item and head to the register.  I was making good time until I noticed that they sell pretty shirts there too.  After looking them over I remembered with a jolt that Jonny and the kids were waiting for me.  I wondered how long I had been sucked into this place and hurried ahead pausing only briefly to glance at the Easter decor.  I looked down at my hands and noticed the pretty dinner napkins.  I was there to buy a birthday gift, not napkins.  I put them back.  I bought the gift and nothing else.  I escaped through the door.  I think it best that I don’t return anytime soon.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to shop there with children.

I hopped in the van, and Jonny drove me over to JoAnn.  I needed some sort of trim for Larkspur’s birthday dress.  But the second I walked in the store it was as if I forgot everything.  Somehow I ended up buying multiple spools of both white and cream colored thread (not what I was there for) as if they might not be available at some point in the future when I might need them.  I also bought hot glue sticks which will make Lark happy.  I didn’t actually manage to purchase trim that I like for her dress so it’s going to be plain unless I come up with something else.  I’m sure she won’t mind.

None of my shopping saga is related to the fact that I finished knitting my scarf last night, except that I was wearing it while shopping.

Jonny took all photos of me in this post and he also arranged the scarf for me.  I wouldn’t actually wear it quite so choke-y around the neck as it is in the photos.

spring seashell scarf

I like it a bit looser like this.  I am also prone to squinting and pursed lips.

spring seashell scarf

Check out our hair.  It was windy today.  I do like my scarf a lot.  It’s the perfect color and weight for spring.

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