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~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs.  I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? Take a photo and share it either on your blog or on Flickr. Leave a link below to share your photo with the rest of us! ~


Most of my knitting time over the past week was spent finishing Gabriel’s sweater. (And thank you all so much for your kind comments on it!)  As much as I do love that sweater now that it’s finished, I am happy to be working on this ruffled scarf.  I plan to stay focused on it until it’s finished.  No casting on!

I am still reading Organized Simplicity, and despite the fact that we already maintain a relatively clutter free home (the best I can do in a small house with lots of kids) I am finding lots of good advice and wisdom here!  A friend alerted me earlier this week that it is available as a free Kindle download right now, so if you have a Kindle, go get it! Of course reading a book that motivates me to clean and organize isn’t good for bedtime, so I am also reading A Secret Gift.  A friend passed this book to me recently, and it is a very nice, thoughtful, quiet read.  I read one chapter each night at bedtime.

I also want to share a couple of funny knitting comments from my past couple of weeks.  I teach knitting to a friend’s daughters every week and recently her six year old told me, “Miss Ginny, I just love your bind off.”  That one made me laugh.  Monday night I helped teach at the local women’s shelter knitting class that I volunteer for.   One of the women pulled me aside saying, “Can you please help me figure out where my knitting got all jacked up?”  I smiled, fixed her “jacked up” stitch and moved on to the next person who needed help.

p.s.  With the help of a friend, I’ve got a Yarn Along button now! (I know, I should have done this over a year ago!)  Now, all you have to do is grab the code from below the button and add it to your post to link back to the Yarn Along.  And, because I had too much fun playing with these, there are eight different color choices.  Visit the Yarn Along page (tab is above the header) to see all the color choices.  This button can be inserted into your Yarn Along post each week, and I would love it if you added it to your sidebar!

Below is a linky list if you’d like to link up and join the Yarn Along.
(1) Make sure the link you submit is to the URL of your blog post or your specific Flickr photo and not your main blog URL or Flickr Photostream. Please be sure and link to your current Yarn Along post, and not a Yarn Along post from a previous week.
(2) Include a link back to this post in your blog post or on your flickr photo page so that others who may want to join the Yarn Along can find us!
(3) If you have any trouble linking up, just email me and I will help you!
You can also join the Flickr Yarn Along group to share your knitting and reading photos anytime!


  1. ginny,
    finally have something to contribute!
    thanks again for all you do!
    p.s. gabe looked so happy in his sweater- congrats to you and yours for hitting the 3 yr mark with style!

  2. Better late than never this week. There are a whole lot of yarners now, Ginny! Way to go. Working on a couple things this week. I am interested in your thoughts on the ruffle scarf. It has been in my pattern pile for some time, but I always seem to set it aside.

  3. well shoot fire!
    with a button that cute, I’m convinced I should join in on your yarn along this morning!!!

    I love it!

    and I’m so much enjoying your blog. I know I don’t comment that much, but I have a 7 month old who still nurses every 2 hours. {is that normal?}:) and so my hands are tied most of the time when I’m reading your sweet blog:)!!

  4. Gabriel´s sweater is beautiful and I just love the colors of the ruffled scarf!
    thank you for the lovely yarn along button!;)

  5. I love the button, I already copied it to my blog (not that my blog is often updated… )
    Best wishes!

  6. I am unable to add your yarn along button. I tried it in a link and as a gadget. Can you enlighten me some more on how to add it. Thanks.

  7. I love the color of your scarf! Thanks for the tip about Organized Simplicity, it’s been on my wish list waiting for the budget to allow it. The buttons look great and thank you for the color options.

  8. You have inspired me to start knitting again so i’m joining you for Yarn Along from now on, just bought the yarn today. Also, will be adding your button to my sidebar!

  9. omg there are 163 people here today. i wanted to tell you i LOVE the button. wouldn’t it be cute printed on a muslin bag, a small one like the rav one? for projects? i would buy one (or two) if you had them made up.

  10. Thanks for the knitting inspiration.

  11. I love the color of your scarf! Nice button and thanks again for another Yarn Along. 🙂

  12. I still think that Gabriel’s sweater was such a good job. Hope he’ll enjoy it for a while!

  13. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!!

  14. I love the colours in that scarf. It must be such a treat to knit!
    Dealing with clutter is something that I definitely need to face.

  15. Love the buttons and Organized Simplicity. It’s what I’m reading this week, too.

  16. Ginny, Your knitting is perfection. I love the purple yarn!

  17. Ginny – thank you so much for posting that “Organized Simplicity” was available for free on kindle – can’t wait to dive in!

  18. Hi!
    I loved this idea!
    I’m knitting the february lady sweater !

  19. I’ve posted your button on my blog. Now I’m off to get Organized Simplicity! Thanks for the heads up.

  20. Yay! I just used the button!

    I’ll be interested to check out the book you are reading, A Secret Gift. I’m becoming more interested in spiritual readings/teachings.

    Here’s my contribution for Yarn Along:

  21. love the new little button…so cute!! I am also reading organized simplicity……..and I agree it has loads of good ideas!!!

  22. That scarf is going to look gorgeous when done! Such a beautiful colour. And I was just thinking last night that I would love to add a button to my Yarn Along posts. Serendipity!

    I went a little crazy at the library this week: http://madpassions.blogspot.com/2012/01/yarn-along-lots-of-books-this-time.html

  23. I friended you on ravelry. I love your knitting style!

  24. I’m joining you again, I was organised this week! The plum coloured wool is so pretty and naturally I’ll have to check out the pattern link – thanks to you I’ve tried patterns I would not have thought of attempting, both knitting and sewing.

    I’ve added a lovely pink ball of wool to my side bar and very pretty it looks too!

    God Bless San xx

  25. A button, great! Will absolutely add it!

  26. You what I need? A way to view ALL of the websites on your Yarn Along WHILE I am knitting or crocheting. So I need a tool that puts them into a viewer that I can advance with my FOOT so I don’t need to stop my needlework. Hmmm…maybe the folks at linkylist can help create that type of viewer. Just a funny thought to share with you 🙂

  27. Love that shade of purple/plum. Going to make a gorgeous scarf!

  28. Love the blog button and the color of the scarf is beautiful!

  29. Didn’t manage a yarn-along post today, but I will find time to add the yarn-along button to my blog. Thanks for the book recommendation, too; I’ve added it to my to-read list!

  30. Oh my a button! Awesome. I love it. I love using the term “jacked up”!

  31. Thank you for the tip on the Organized Simplicity free download!! January is certainly the best time to get all squared away with rhythms and routines!

  32. Yay for a blog button! 🙂 And double yay for free kindle books!

  33. Love the colour of your scarf! I like the Yarn Along button and will use it!

  34. Thanks so much for the tip on the free kindle book! Looking forward to reading it!

  35. LOVE love LOVE gabe’s sweater! beautiful work! and i love the first picture of your sweet sons. i joined the yarn along but haven’t been reading anything but my son’s temperature on the thermometer.

  36. So happy you were able to finish the sweater–I love it! The buttons are great, and I am headed over to get that book for my Kindle!

  37. Organized Simplicity helped me so much because I never want to throw things away that I love or might use “someday”. The author really made me see that my entire family loses out when I give too much time to “stuff” and so now it is much easier for me to let go and to trust that all will be well. I will have what I need when I need it and what I need most is time that is spent on the things that align with my family’s purpose.

  38. I love that yarn color. I’d like to get back to something fun and colorful, but for now I’m stuck on dishcloths. It has helped me to learn, however, how to knit while I read!! Gotta love that.:)

  39. Love the colour of your scarf Ginny! So vibrant. Thank you for the widget and the opportunity to take part in this yarn along … it’s nice to be a part of this community.

  40. Yes, the yarn for that scarf looks lovely. I love that color!

  41. Oh, that colour is beautiful!
    I love the new button!

  42. Ginny…Great idea about the buttons…now I just have to figure out how to use them. I’ve never seemed to have success with them before, but I’m motivated for this one. Love your yarn for the scarf ~ is it for you? Oh, and Gabe’s sweater is almost as beautiful as the boy wearing it…really, he is quite beautiful!
    xo Jules

  43. Love the buttons!! Isn’t it fun to finish something while you still are enjoying knitting it. Beautiful color on the scarf – so rich and vibrant! See you next week…

  44. I didn’t have time to take part in Yarn Along this week, sadly, but I LOVE the buttons! Added to my sidebar.

  45. I love love love Gabe’s sweater! I need to find your Organized Simplicity book. Library doesn’t seem to have it.
    I don’t have knitting to share this week, so am not posting a link, but I did post about a children’s book the kids got for Christmas and we have read….I think you will like it. Henry David’s House. http://whichname.blogspot.com/2012/01/mike-and-henry-david-teach.html

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