Three years and a sweater

Three  years and a sweater

Three  years and a sweater

Three  years and a sweater

Three  years and a sweater

Three  years and a sweater

Three  years and a sweater

Three  years and a sweater

Last week found me knitting furiously with my deadline fast approaching.  I wanted to have Gabe’s sweater finished in time for quietly celebrating the day he joined our family, three years ago.  I kept wishing for a bit more time.  There was irony in that, because this three year mark in the early months and years was something I dreamed of sometimes, especially on the hard days.  My friends with adopted children of their own assured me that things would get easier, but that it would take about three years for things to settle.  I can say that we reached a certain level of comfort earlier even than that though, maybe about six months ago.  I also realize that for many reasons Gabriel and I still have a long way to go, and that’s okay.  He knows I love him, and I know he loves me.  (His relationship with Jonny it seems was cemented before they even boarded the plane in Liberia.)

There were many stops and starts with this sweater early on.  And even during the last couple of days, I found myself having to rip the cuff back on one of the sleeves and add another stripe in hopes that Gabe will be able to wear his sweater next year as well (I just had to edit because I accidently wrote “next week”  that would be true as well at the rate this boy has grown these past years.)  Every morning I would see Gabe picking up his sweater, checking my progress.  I don’t think any thing I have ever knit has been met with such excited anticipation.  Friday found me knitting the last few stitches, and weaving in ends for a good hour and a half or so.  I plunged the sweater into a bathtub of water, soaked it a bit, and then carefully squeezed it between towels before laying it on the sweater rack inside our dryer.  My plan was to run the dryer on low heat that night, and wake up to a nice dry sweater.  Only the next morning, the sweater was still wet, and after another hour of attempted drying, I realized that our dryer was broken, not heating (it still is!  oh, the laundry!)  For the next day and a half Gabe’s sweater was stretched on that drying rack, in front of the woodstove.  Poor Gabe, he was so anxious to wear it.  Finally on Sunday he was able to wear it for the first time, all three boys wearing their sweaters I’d knit them to Mass.  He hasn’t taken it off yet.  And I know he likes it because not only did I hear him say that he is going to wear it every day from now on, but he actually let me take his picture wearing it.


p.s.  Ravelry notes here.  Yarn here.  The song that got stuck in my head for weeks while I knit this here.


  1. Kay Dell White says:

    What a sweet post, handsome boy and beautiful

  2. Oh, he (and the sweater) is just beautiful. Such an awesome smile.

  3. Oh Ginny, I’m all choked up reading this. Feeling that connection as a adoptive mama to be as well as the immense love that Gabe has in being part of his family. He’s such a beautiful and definitely growing boy. The sweater is absolutely amazing! I think I’m extra sentimental today as our dossier paperwork was sent to DC yesterday. Its all becoming so real, so exciting! Hugs. 🙂

  4. As I sat reading this post and paused to admire the beautiful sweater, my 15 yr old daughter came quietly up behind me and was reading along. All of a sudden she exclaimed “It’s his GOTCHA day!”
    Her best friend has 3 adopted siblings, and their family celebrates the day each one joined their family with a Gothca Day. My daughter was once able to attend such a celebration and it has been a lasting impression….
    So Gabe, Happy GOTCHA day 🙂 from our family

    • Yes, exactly!! Gabe just doesn’t love the term or even much attention being drawn to it, so we keep things really quiet, and just acknowledge the anniversary with his favorite foods, and of course this year the sweater.

  5. The sweater is gorgeous and he looks elated in it! What a beautiful way to celebrate such a happy milestone!

  6. The sweater is awesome! and he looks like he is glowing wearing it. such a sweet pic of your boys in the first photo 😉

  7. The story of your family is beautiful Ginny, your boy so very sweet, and the sweater is amazing!

  8. Congratulations and happy 3 years to all! And yes, I agree, it is a GORGEOUS sweater–and on such a gorgeous boy.

  9. Rebecca Gorgas says:

    Your Gabriel truly has the most beautiful smile.

  10. Congratulations on three years! Love the sweater and smiling Gabe!

  11. Wow! This is the most lovely sweater I’ve ever seen!! And the darling boy in it too…looks perfect on him. And I loved your sweet words too. Beautiful story!

  12. An amazing sweater! You can tell it was knit with love-

  13. Wonderful sweater….wonderful story! Lots of love there!

  14. Wonderful sweater….wonderful story!!! Lots of love there!

  15. Michele F. says:

    Wow — what a beautiful sweater. And your son is adorable in it — so happy! Congratulations to you all on this milestone achieved. (And thank you for posting that song — I had never heard it before. Sweet.) God bless you all, Michele F.

  16. What a wonderful story. Both the sweater and your son are beautiful and he is clearly a very worthy knit recipient!

  17. That is one handsome boy and sweater!

  18. What a beautiful boy in a beautiful sweater. This story made me so happy. Just thinking about this gorgeous boy, happy now in your family and something being hand made for him with so much love. It just makes my heart sing. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Wow, what a beautiful sweater and lovely pictures. Gabe looks so happy with his sweater, I love his joy.

  20. I´m so happy that you´d started the Yarn along, so that I could find you and now read your little post about Gabriel. This touched me very much. I love his smile and his sweater you´d made for him for this special day. It is awesome.
    I hope Gabe will find his way and always be happy.

    enim sou

  21. That is such a nice sweater! Congrats on 3 years!!

  22. Fantastic sweater and the picture of Gabe is just priceless, you must be one proud mama.

    San xx

  23. What a wonderful gift to celebrate!

  24. Wow, great swetaer and great boy. Love all the knits in the pictures. and the colours.

  25. THAT SWEATER is fantastic! Or is it the boy? Good do hear, that your family is doing well! Best regards!

  26. Gabe looks gorgeous! And so does his sweater!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  27. It’s wonderful! It looks great on him and even more perfect that he loves it.

    Happy three years!

  28. This is so wonderful; look at that face! He is so happy. You have created something so special with your family and your knitting!

  29. Fantastic sweater, Ginny. Truly!

  30. awesome post, awesome knit and happy three years. what a beautiful family you are.

  31. Ginny, that sweater is gorgeous! You are such a talented knitter. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their Mom!!

  32. Happy three years! I agree with Anna, who said that Gabriel is glowing in his sweater. What a lovely gift to him!

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