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January 1

To be honest, I rarely make true New Year’s resolutions.  I am more of a daily resolution sort, every day noticing places for improvement and resolving to make the necessary changes.

If I resolve to make a lot of sweeping changes in my life at the start of the year, I will just fail.  I continue to pray that God would use me however He sees fit, and that He would raise me up on those days when I don’t feel that I can heed the call.

I am dreaming though, as I’ve mentioned, for a greater degree of order in my life this year.

Today being New Year’s Day, I paid attention to my usual resolutions.  There weren’t many.  I can always make more tomorrow:

I resolved to supervise Beatrix more closely when she is painting.

I resolved to make more lists.

And, I hoped for more time for tea and knitting.  That’s all.

What changes are you hoping to make in the new year?



  1. Sewblonde says:

    My 4yo daughter and I both laughed out loud when we scrolled down on your pictures and saw the one of Beatrix. =) She is just adorable! (My 4yo is our 7th child and I have had the messy-creative type though my 4yo is not one of them). Thanks for sharing a bit of your family with us. I always enjoy your blog.

    Blessings to you all!

  2. I have the same problem when we paint, so I had a good laugh over your photos!

    For me, I’m hoping to sew one item of clothing for myself a month. As a mother, I’m trying to make more time to create together (which should help with that paint problem!)

  3. Over the years, my resolutions have morphed into mere suggestions, and we’re all better off that way!
    As long as you resolve to continue to take such fabulous pictures we will all be super happy. Love the little glimpses of your daily challenges!!! (Beatrix is adorable!! paint and all!–I have a granddaughter who could give her a run for her money though in the paint-department!)

  4. If you supervise Beatrix more during painting then we will miss out on those most adorable photos! Oh those are the good times.

  5. I am trying to find a balance between making lists and getting organized and living in the moment. If I have too much of an agenda for my day, then I miss out on living it because I am continually trying to get this task done and move on to the next one. I have been trying to focus a lot more on what Jesus was trying to teach us. He said his yoke was light. Because I have always felt like I was one of the people with “bad soil” where his teachings just won’t take root and STAY, I thought his yoke was heavy. But then I decided to take another look at what he wants us to do, and remember all the while that he says his yoke is light. The image the jumped into my head and stays is that of him washing his disciples feet. And he says not to worry. To be present and live in the light. To love God, ourselves and everyone around us. If I just hold onto that, in the moment, and don’t look ahead–just for this moment I can do it. I can find ways to be a servant and be humble. I can feel open and full of love for myself, others and God. So maybe I’m going to make lists, but they are only to help me…they are not to take over.

  6. I can’t do resolutions either so I participated in #oneword2012 – basically you choose a one word resolution to guide you through the year. I’m going to find little ways to remind myself of my one word every day, like add it into my calendar and make a hangy thing for my car.

    Plus, I have my Day Zero List to work on! 🙂

  7. Whatever that project is in the second picture (I believe it might be the striped sweater you shared on a recent yarn along) I absolutely love the colour combination. It is beautiful.

    I also tend to be a daily resolution type of person. I tend to have so much on the go at once that a grand resolution kind of gets ignored. One thing I am hoping to do this year is get over my own personal fears and actually post an image of my children on my blog (not just their hands, or feet, or the back of their head)…I am struggling with it, but I think by the end of the year, I should be able to manage. I love the pictures you share of your family, and it makes me want to do the same.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. I can echo your resolution apprehension. I’ve never been a big believer in making bold plans for the New Year only to have them not work out.
    I guess it is for a similar reason as I believe that the Creator will show me the path that I need to take and I will hopefully have the trust and strength (faith!) to walk that path.

    I did make a statement that I will work towards having more clarity in my life. I feel like that is an attribute that I have never really taken the time to invite into my life and yet it is so very important in raising up a family.

    I’m still tinkering with how I will go about this.
    I have some ideas though:
    More prayer;
    More listening;
    More simple. As in taking more simple things into my life and forgoing the complex until I’m truly ready for it.

    Peace to you and your family,

  9. I love Bea and her painting! Black really is her favorite color for painting herself with, isn’t it? Would she still paint herself if she didn’t have black?

    I’m with you on New Years resolutions…I hate to set myself up for failure! I only made one last year–to learn to knit socks–and I didn’t do it! But if I were of the resolution-making-sort, I suppose I would hope this year to:
    1) Not sweat the small stuff;
    2) Realize that most stuff IS small stuff;
    3) Not feel guilty about what I don’t get done in a day, as long as I spent at least part of it doing something with the kids;
    4) Pay more attention to my husband, who often gets pushed aside by all these little people;
    5) Get rid of a truckload of stuff!

    Bless you and yours!

  10. Cheryl L. says:

    Oh, that sweet little Beatrix! She always makes me smile or laugh!
    I think that this year I’m resolved to engage my family more, knit more, quilt more, be more patient, and love myself more.

  11. Awww, so glad to see my Poppy is not the only maker of extraordinary messes 😉
    Good thoughts on resolutions…I just wrote my own thoughts out and when I tried to title it “Resolve”, it turned into “Evolve”…I can’t help but feel brand new on January 1st.
    Much Love,

  12. Happy New Years! I do wish you all that you wish for!

    And, I just love the shot of Beatrix. I know it can be so difficult to find them like that, but on the other hand… 🙂

  13. I thought that I needed eyes in the back of my head with Pip, but your lovely Bea wins hands down!!

    You’ll have to make a collection of all of her funniest moments and bring them out when she’s old enough to have potential suitors calling!!

    Thanks for making me smile!

    Changes at my end on the wish list:

    Hoping to keep myself in check when under insurmountable stress which is daily… my language does tend to deteriorate, nothing totally vile, but still not great.

    Regular sewing time … my new machine in the loft room is sitting all forlorn.

    Good bedtime habits for both parents and children.

    Attempting to find the blessings in each day.

    Trying to smile… even through gritted teeth if needs be!

    Happy New Year To You and Yours.

    San xx

  14. I am resolving to get back to running and run a 5k. I have gained a lot of weight in the last few months (largely attributable, I think, to stress) and I really want to take control of my health and fitness. I know that’ s a cliché resolution, but it’s one I’m really making an effort with right now.

  15. Anne Marie says:

    “a greater degree of order in my life this year” – that’s the change I want too.

  16. Just forgot to wish you a very Happy New Year!

  17. I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful, uplifting posts. Hope to read many more in the new year… I think more tea and knitting is a very good resolution, it might make all other resolutions easier to tackle…

  18. You are so cute. And so is Beatrix. I have to admit I gasped a little when I saw the paint picture. Oh my.
    Happy New Year.

  19. I was so enjoying the look of sweet concentration on Bea’s face in one of the early pictures…I really LOVED the look of sweet contriteness on her face at the end. I think she’d probably figure out a way to get paint everywhere with you staring right at her! The stripes on the sweater are turning out beautiful!

  20. I think all Beatrix needs when she’s painting is a beret, to finish the look. Happy New Year!

  21. Relying upon God daily is most important – that is one ‘resolution’ that I need help from Him. I too, don’t like resolutions, but lists! My lists are the same it seems each year. More knitting, yes. Tea? How about coffee? For me, making those lists and have order to each day will help me not to waste time. It’s a learning process.

  22. I’m with you Ginny – not too many resolutions but daily striving to follow God’s leading.
    I do have a few that I posted about today.
    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

  23. Happy New Year! May you have many blessings in the next twelve months (and get organized!).

  24. Happy new year to you, Ginny, with or without resolutions!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your delightful Beatrix (and your other children) but especially Bea!! She just completely makes my day every time I see her. And your lovely way of telling us about her little ‘tricks’ – very diplomatic indeed!!
    All the best with your daily doings in 2012….

  25. I want to learn something new: preserving, maybe sewing. Also, I’d like to cut hours on munindo so I could spend more time with my son. That will be probably impossible, I don’t know how I can do it, but it would be the most important thing I could achieve…

  26. Thankyou for your wonderful blog! I am looking forward to following your adventures in 2012! God’s blessings to you! 🙂 Martine

  27. I want to learn something new: preserving, maybe sewing. Also, I’d like to cut hours on munindo so I could spend more time with my son. That will be probably impossible…

  28. whatever your working on knitting wise looks great. and that picture book i asked about… it is wonderful. the boys loved it. thank you so much.

  29. I used to be a preschool teacher and I just love those butterfly paintings!:-)

  30. Such beautiful pics, painting always ends up much like that in our house too.

    My resolution this year has been to continue along my path towards simple living.

  31. Such wonderful pictures!

    My only resolution is to lay the table for a family breakfast each day (as opposed to the usual free for all panic) in the hope that this will start the day in the way I would like it to go on… Who knows where it might lead… if I could stick to it. We have managed to instill the habit of eating together at the table each night and that wasn’t always easy in the beginning, but it’s been so valuable, so who knows! (Oh, and most definitely more knitting/crafting in general!)

    God bless you and yours in 2012 and always.

  32. Oh, yeah, and of course the usual lose about 500 pounds (or 15, whichever’s easiest)…

  33. I am resolved to work on the craft of writing and revive and sharpen my illustrating skills through my blog…turn it into something truly worthy of it’s subject matter. But, I’m seeing tonight that it’s going to be really hard to find those long stretches of uninterrupted time for art as a new mom. (It was hard enough as a plain old childless wife!) So, add to that resolution a more important one to keep my priorities straight and put people and relationships first. Poor relationships would make for some pretty lousy art, anyway! ;o) (p.s., LOVE that mug, is it vintage?)

  34. Happy New Year! I feel it’s going to be a good one. 🙂

  35. I made new years *goals* last year, and barely stuck to any of them. This year, I’ve decided to just live, more simply and love a lot! We have lots happening to our little family this next year, so any more goals and resolutions may just be too much. Happy New Year Ginny. 🙂

  36. I also don’t believe in resolutions as they never get accomplished and just make me feel guilty. But for 2012 I hope to instill happiness in myself. This will be a daily work in progress, one that I am very much looking forward to.

  37. My list is short as well. Normally I wouldn’t share, but I feel like if I post it to the public I will be held more accountable.

    I resolved to not sit for sleep more than 23.5 hours because of this youtube post:

    Most importantly: I resolved to eat dinner at the table at least three-four nights a week. Having grown up in a non-table family, my husband and I have trouble sticking to this. We cook dinner together nearly every night. We have a beautiful table. We just don’t sit there. I want to create this important habit/value before having children.

    Thank you for your wonderful/inspiring posts! Here is to a new, blessed year!

  38. Lovely Photos and I love the resoloution Ginny.

  39. O sweet Bea!! Her front is soaked through! That picture is truly a treasure… probably frustrating at the time but surely you can’t help but smile now! I love your resolutions… who can go wrong wishing for more time for knitting and tea? My only child is an adult living on his own now, and I still can’t seem to find the time for a cuppa. But I resolve to make time. I also resolve to make more time for prayer and Bible reading, I never feel that I do enough. But is anything we do in that respect ever enough?

  40. I am hoping to blog more, although I seem to be going through a very introspective phase right now. Also I am going to work on severely limiting my sugar intake, keeping my computer time till after 8pm or the children are in bed, and doing more to take care of my body with regular exercise, even if it just means stretching for 10min in the morning to wake my body up. Happy new year and may God bless all our efforts in the coming year!

  41. I could supervise my little one while she’s working with paint as well!

    My classic type resolution is to do something every day cleaning/organizing-wise that won’t be undone in an hour

  42. Love it! It’s gonna be an awesome year Ginny!!! As always I love seeing your beautiful pictures of your wonderful little ones and life together! What does God have in store for us this year ?!

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

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