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More than any other day

December 30

December 30

December 30

December 30

December 30

December 30

December 30

December 30

December 30

Birthdays are for saying, “thank you.”

I’m thankful for thirty four years.

p.s.  Images are just random ones from today.  I decided that our house is too crowded to host a Christmas tree all the way until Epiphany, so we moved it into the garden.  No one minded, and it will be fun to add more treats for the birds in the coming week.


















My girls received new dress up dresses from my mom today.  Well, she mailed a check, and I visited the local re-run shop.  The girls don’t need to know that I worked as a middle man.

I brushed and curled their hair a few minutes into what turned into an all day dress up fest (first photo is pre-hairdos.)  Honestly, I go back and forth about dress up clothes.  Sometimes they start to drive me insane and I stuff them all in the attic.  But really, they love to dress up almost more than anything else, so of course I let them.  Today I found a big open wicker basket for the purpose of dress up storage.  I was playing with the idea of a little open rack for hanging, but realized that I would have to be out of my mind to really think they might hang their dresses.  If they can just throw them in the basket at the end of the day, I’ll be happy.  Of course I work every day to teach my kids to clean up after themselves.  But, it serves me well to make cleaning up as easy as possible.

Beatrix was hilarious examining her little wooden “tea cup” today during a tea party.  She noted with great offense that the cup that Larkspur handed her had a chip in it.  (It wasn’t really meant to be a tea cup, but a sugar bowl.) I assured her that it was okay, and she carried on.

I met two friends this morning to help them choose yarn for projects and gifts at our new yarn shop: Old Town Yarnery.  I am just so grateful to have a local yarn shop again, and to have one with great atmosphere is a nice bonus.  If you are local, please stop by and check it out!  Maureen is sourcing some lovely yarns.  I want this shop to stick around.

Because I am such a fun mom, some of my kids got bars of soap in their Christmas stockings.  That’s almost better than coal.  Actually, all of them but Seth love felting soap.  So as soon as they saw their soap bars, that is where their minds went.  I was reminded that it’s a messy activity, but at least the mess is just soap and water.

Tomorrow for my birthday dessert, I am making Cranberry Clafouti.  I love this recipe.  I am a big fan of custard and of cranberries.  I’ll try it with other fresh berries next summer as well,  if I still want sweets.  I stopped eating sugar almost completely (raw honey in my tea on occasion, the exception) a couple of months ago and I don’t ever really crave it anymore.  I am not a purist though.  So there was an apple cranberry crisp on Christmas, there will be clafouti (I don’t even know how to pronounce that word) on my birthday, and then some of this crazy delicious stuff on New Year’s Eve that my friend…Eve gave me for my birthday (she added 1/2 cup chopped dates along with the pecans, and then a cup of chocolate chips on top–I recommend these changes!)  I’ll go back to my regular no sugar, no gluten eating habits next week.  But in the meantime, I will enjoy these little treats.

Maybe I’ll be back with a few photos before the new year, but if not, Happy New Year to all of you!

p.s.  I found the bookAnd my friend Lori gave me this one for my birthday.  I am about to get so organized it’s going to be amazing.