The Birthday Dress

Typically, when I sew something such as a dress, I do all of the sewing in one night.  Not this dress though.  Evidently, I don’t have the same sewing stamina that I used to.  And then of course, I have Silas.  I’d much rather spend time with him than sew.  And when he’s asleep…well there’s just so much to do.
At any rate, after about a week of sewing, ripping, sewing again, ripping again, etc. etc. I was able to finish Beatrix’s birthday dress.
The first time I made the bodice, it was very big and puffy and Bea looked like a football player in it.  After snipping, cutting, and sewing again, it was still too big.  I decided that I would just call that room to grow, and left it.  The entire dress is definitely on the big side, but that means I will be able to let out the blue underskirt next year and get another year of wear out of it.
I must thank Jonny who helped me agonize over fabric combinations (I was determined only to use fabrics and patterns from my stash) and who also ripped out stitches for me when I realized I had sewn the pockets in so low that Bea’s hands wouldn’t reach them and didn’t feel that I could spend another second with the seam ripper.
Beatrix likes her dress.  I am so glad that she doesn’t require all clothing to be pink or purple.

**Extra boring details:  the bodice fabric was a remnant purchased at JoAnn, the plaid skirt is thick flannel from Joann as well, the underskirt is Anna Maria Horner Good Folks Filigree (Bea’s hair bow, the one she won’t keep in her hair, is made from the same-thanks to my friend Sarah hosting a craft night at her house!)  The sash is white linen, and the lace I inherited from my grandmother.  I combined several patterns to create this, namely a Simplicity pattern whose envelope I can’t find now, for the bodice.


  1. I love this layered look — would like one for myself! Beautiful…

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, the dress, the girl, and the photos!

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