In other news

Silas the baby met Silas the cat.  The affection was mutual.

While giving math lessons, I opted to put down my knitting and clean out the pencil drawer instead.

The boys dragged a tire out of the woods and made a tire swing.
Why have we never had one of these before?

(In the pencil drawer I eliminated everything but pencils for the big kids, pencils for the littles, and we have these black felt tipped pens for drawing.  And a few erasers of course.  I salvaged as many of the chewed up used pencils as I could, adding new eraser caps.  I like this little pencil sharpener the best, but we do have a couple with enclosed blades for smaller children.  Our electric one broke and I am probably not going to buy a new one.  Sharpening pencils is a nice activity.)

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