On the verge

Jonny named this post.  I am not sure what we are on the verge of.  We have a sick baby and two sick little girls.  I am very tired and grateful that Jonny and I thought better of giving up coffee.  I am not having the most coherent thoughts, so I am going to do sort of a brain dump here this morning.

The other day I found myself saying to Larkspur, “Next time someone wants to suck your hair up in the vacuum cleaner, just say no.”  I thought of all the funny things that parents get to say to their children everyday, with a serious tone of course.

As a family we are having to make some hard decisions.  There is something to be said for dreaming big and chasing those dreams.  There’s also value in accepting your limitations.  That being said, after two and a half years of having them, we have found a new home for our flock of chickens.  Our coop is located too close to our gardens and our house and we cannot make building a new one a priority right now.  I really don’t need to ever have cleaning chicken poop off of two year old toes and my kitchen floor on my to do list.  There’s enough to do as it is.

The other night Seth talked on the phone with my dad for a little while.  He’s not big on talking on the phone so it was sort of a big deal.  As I watched and listened I realized that he is so much like my little brother.  I realize this will mean little to anyone but me, but it made me so happy listening to Seth giving overly detailed descriptions of where he found coins in the yard with his new metal detector.

Speaking of Seth, after about three years (I think?) of piano lessons, all the battles I fought with him over practicing are paying off.  He finally seems to be enjoying himself and some nights he and I stay up late puzzling out pieces together.  I almost quit piano lessons (I think I’ve been taking them for about a year and a half now) after Silas was born, but after a two month break went back.  I am so glad I did.
Some evenings Jonny and Keats get out their new instruments (mandolin and violin) and compare and play together.  I smile thinking that the musical family that I have dreamed of is becoming a reality.  Gabe just started piano lessons, and Jonny wants to teach him to play guitar as well.  I only wish I had been born with a stronger sense of rhythm.  Playing music doesn’t come naturally to me.

A couple of weeks ago I got the urge to dye yarn late one evening.  Keats heard me talking about it and got out of bed hoping to join me.  I let him.  We had so much fun trying to dye some organic Australian merino the perfect shade of seafoam green for Larkspur.  The sweater that Larkspur is wearing in these photos was knit with the result.  Keats and I think it turned out really well even if we did felt the yarn just a little bit.  The following morning Seth angrily declared that Keats is my favorite because he got to stay up late with me, as if he hasn’t gotten to do the same dozens of times.
Beatrix’s sweater is knit in the same type of yarn, but it is from Genevieve’s shop.  It is incredibly soft and so wonderful to knit with.  With two skeins you can knit a cap sleeved sweater up to a size six or so.  Both of my girls happily wear this yarn against their skin with no complaints about itchiness.
For more notes, here is the ravelry link to Bea’s sweater, and here is Larkspur’s.  Oh, and this is the book that I follow for dyeing techniques.

And last but most certainly not least.  Please say a prayer today for Matthew.  He is the son of a friend from my book club.  He is in the ICU with a severe case of pneumonia that after almost a week is worsening rather than improving with antibiotics.

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.

    I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a
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