On the up and up

(above two photos taken by Jonny)

Thank you for all the well wishes these past few days!  Everyone is feeling better, and I am hoping to be back to my healthy self in a few days.
The weather has been so beautiful here, perfect for picnics packed by Larkspur.  Today we had bruised bananas and mushy grapes on a little blanket by the garden.  Beatrix wore my favorite childhood dress for the first time.   Larkspur wore it when she was Beatrix’s age as well.
Silas and I have been taking little strolls about the yard just to see what we can see.  He wears a constant little grin on his face in response to the breeze.  The other day, I was surprised to find a fistful of violets blooming, as they are spring creatures.
Our chickens moved to their new home on Sunday, and I must confess that our property feels deserted, like a ghost town.  I took a photograph of the last few eggs we collected before they left.  I’m trying not to be silly and sentimental, but being a silly sentimental person, that’s difficult for me.  Jonny and I have decided that we are definitely chicken folks.  We just need to make some changes before we get a new flock.
We have big dipper gourds growing on our roof.  They came up as volunteers this year, and have been more successful than any we have grown in the past.  The roof seems a brilliant place for them.

p.s.  I did some sewing today: clothes for the doll of a friend’s little girl.  Along with the sweater and legwarmers, Miss Ragdoll is getting a flannel nightgown and a new dress.  Larkspur has the same doll (I made them both) and she was kind enough to model the new dress.

I’ve got a real love hate thing when it comes to making doll clothing.  I need to embrace the love though, because of course Larkspur wants new clothes for her dolly now too.

(Ragdoll pattern here.)


  1. Good morning! I have just discovered your blog and was looking through the archives. I am a knitter, sewer, reader, and Catholic as well! I believe we are friends on Ravelry.

    I love the doll you made and would love to make one for my granddaughter. Are you able to share the pattern or is it one you bought?

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