The gift of craft (clay beads)

So, this is how I’ve been feeling lately:  a bit wiped out both physically and emotionally.
I ask myself, “why?”  And then I remember that while I love my big family and the way we choose to live, sometimes it’s just plain hard to be the mom of six young children.  (duh.)  It’s pretty normal to be exhausted at times. We are heading into a busy season with baseball and cub scouts. My baby is getting older and not napping as often.  I am putting in extra time trying to teach one of my kids to read.  Gosh, it’s just busy.  Good busy for sure.  But sometimes busy starts to feel a little crazy.  Then it’s time to step back, forget everything, and just take things one minute at a time.
Yesterday, a friend came over and did something wonderful.  She provided materials and instruction for a craft for my always craft hungry kids (while carrying her baby on her hip most of the time, and never seeming a bit flustered.)  Sarah’s an expert at making clay beads, so we were pretty lucky to have her share her craft with us.  I played with the clay a bit myself, but mainly sat back and watched.  It’s nice to be the one watching and learning sometimes.
My kids made clay beads all morning, and then we baked them last night.  This morning while I was still in the bed with Silas, my big boys were already up making necklaces.  Ah, the craft that keeps giving.  Perfect.


  1. Oh…that stinks, huh? (not that you lost MY comment, but all those comments)

    Now, I’m jealous of the time you had with her…(not really Jealous) but happy you had that time to get to know her, what a blessing for you both.

  2. I remember this post, I could have swore I left a comment…maybe I did on Sarah’s blog…maybe she linked here. I remember being jealous she got to meet you!! (and lived close enough to you to visit!) What a special memory.

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