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Practice Run

My dad called last night, and I answered, “Hello, natural disaster central.  How may I help you?”
We had a nasty thunderstorm yesterday and lost power for about five hours.
Big deal: it meant dinner cooked on the grill, a beautiful rainbow (and good reminder that all is well) followed by a candlelit dinner.  On the other hand, after hurricane Isabel, we were trapped on our street for a couple of days by downed trees,  and lost power for over a week.  Things felt difficult, and goodness, we only had two children at the time.
Dear Irene, please go easy on us.
All of you in her path will be in my prayers.  
We’ll be joining you in getting ready to hunker down for the storm.
If you don’t hear from me next week, just know that our street is always the last priority when the power goes out.
We prepare for the worst, but hope for the best, right?

our last day

(northern water snake)

(always happens when I don’t have a cloth on hand)

Of course, the lost and found slipper ended up getting felted in the laundry once we got home.  Those booties have been nothing but trouble.

(I just had to show you that walllpaper!  The house we stay in on the creek is older; has a staying at grandma’s house feel.)

We had planned to head home early, and arrive before bedtime for the kids, but got distracted by the Bath County hydro electric plant.  We drove along Back Creek to reach it, and our kids ended up swimming in a small recreational lake nearby, and we played in this deeper section of Back Creek as well.  We didn’t get home that night until 1 a.m. or so.

I took a walk by myself with Trudy, taking pictures while she swam in the creek.  There was something lovely about those moments, all by myself, literally in the middle of nowhere, with just the sound of the water in my ears.  I could have stood in the middle of that creek for ages, feet and legs in the water, but I knew Jonny would be wondering if I had met a bear, so I headed back to the lake with a pocket full of wild lemon balm, and one perfectly round, smooth stone.