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Yes there was an earthquake here (5.9??)  I was actually standing in our little hardware store waiting in line at the post office in the back to mail yarn to Nadja when it happened.  Talk about a legs turn to jello experience!  My first instinct was to get out of that shaking metal building!  Jonny and kids were in the van and thought someone had hit them.  At any rate, we just got home, and all seems well here.  Going to sit down and nurse my fussy baby, and hopefully knit a little.  The term “shaken up” definitely describes the way I feel.

but wait, there’s more

I will save my apology for the next post of trip photos.  I promise there will only be one more.  I am amazed as I look through these photos that we were only gone for two days and two nights.  I had planned to give myself a bit of a break by only posting photos this week, but I realize that I’ve got a little to say here and there….

 I crossed this bridge when I was pregnant, but I wasn’t about to set foot on it carrying Silas in my front pack (it’s a Boba–I like it.  Silas doesn’t yet.)

Don’t be fooled.  He stayed there for all of a minute before he woke up.

The boys caught lots of crayfish (or crawfish, or crawdads)

Later that day…
We visited the H & H cash store in Monterey, where thankfully they do take credit cards.  I love these older stores that still have merchandise from the 70s and 80s on their shelves (as long as it isn’t food-it wasn’t.)  I love the friendliness at this store (we also visited back in March) and the fact that the owners don’t get nervous when our big family walks in the door complete with crying baby.


All we ended up buying was really bad for them ice cream cups for my kids, and Jonny insisted on these sunglasses and the belt buckle….

Okay–last stop of the day.  We wanted to check out a little house that’s for sale.  We pretended that we might buy it.  (That’s not the house.  That’s a super cool looking cellar of some sort in the hillside across from the house.) 

This is the house.  It’s in good shape, but is extremely isolated.  Even isolated for Highland County.

There’s a cellar.  I do want one of those.  But it wouldn’t do me much good all the way out there.  We don’t want to actually live in Highland, just visit.  
The cellar comes with a nice hornet’s nest up top.
The house is cute if you like these sorts of places (we do.)  But it’s even smaller than the house we live in now by about 200 square feet.  So while we told all of our friends excitedly that we might buy it, and then you know, rent it a weekend here and there to cover the mortgage, we’re letting that little dream go.

It was fun to pretend!

When we got back to the house we were staying in that evening, we got to see the half white little buck we’d been told about.  And look at the two little fawns!!  So sweet.