Archives for August 16, 2011

Hatch and Release


A couple of weeks ago, the boys were metal detecting in our back yard, and they uncovered some reptile eggs.  Unsure of what sort of eggs they were, but curious to know, they carefully gathered a few and brought them to show Jonny.  Jonny helped the boys to carefully place the eggs in a pot of dirt, hoping that they would hatch.  So over the past weeks, the boys and Jonny have monitored the eggs, keeping them moist, and this morning we discovered a baby turtle had hatched!  Keats led the way back down into our overgrown back field to show us where he and the other boys had found the eggs to begin with.  We released the little turtle right back where his mama had laid her eggs, after each child got a turn to hold it (with Jonny spotting at all times-he was very protective of the little hatchling.  I was more protective of my own little hatchlings, making sure they all washed their hands after handling the turtle-just in case.)