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Coal on the Tracks

If you are at the end of a long day on the road, and after stopping for dinner your kids want to collect coal from the railroad tracks:
Don’t worry about dirty hands and ruined clothes.
Ignore the fact that you are exhausted and want to get home.
Try not to ask too many questions about what exactly they are going to do with all that coal.
Make sure that there isn’t a train coming.
And say, Yes!
It was Little Britches that inspired my kids to look for coal on the tracks to begin with.   We read the first couple of books in the series last year.
Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy, and I’ll use to choose a winner on Friday, just because we loved that book so much and think everyone should read it!
The winner is Kelly!
“I’m always looking for new titles for my boys. Thanks for the give-away!”

p.s.  Can anyone guess what town we were in?  clues:  We were in Virginia, and ate dinner at one of our favorite places.  The tracks run behind the restaurant.  You’d have to know the town pretty well to be able to figure it out.  (looking for the name of the town–not the restaurant!)
We were in Gordonsville.  We pass through this cute little town on lots of our adventures.  It’s between Orange and Charlottesville.