Archives for August 5, 2011


Hundreds of times each day

melon season

shelling peas

for a few seconds I had help, but then I was on my own

actually these are called dixie speckled butterpea limas
They are so delicious (Keats is sitting next to me while I write–he says they were terrible.  I disagree!)
These will be a garden staple from now on (sorry Keats!)  I only wish I could share them with my stepmom.  She would have loved these, and been so proud of me for eating them.  Gone are the days when I have to be told to eat at least three bites of my limas.

tomatoes. need I say more?

sewed a few gifts.  followed her instructions.

discovered in a rotten stump right next to the egg it hatched from

relocated to a place a safe distance away from chickens and cats

poor boys’ swimming hole

pokeweed ink and

feather pens

a birthday celebration that gave me an excuse to wear this old t-shirt that was given to my mom by her sisters on her 30th birthday
yarn in the mail

Life is good.  God is great.