Larkspur’s first kindergarten lesson

Larkspur turned five in March. That means that she is a kindergartner this year!  I have put a good bit of thought into what I want this year to look like for Larkspur, and what I hope to accomplish. Ultimately, I also decided to ask Larkspur what she wants learn in kindergarten and work with that. In Larkspur’s words (and in no certain order) she wants to learn how to: take good care of Silas, take good care of the house, purl, embroider, sew, make yarn with the drop spindle, plant seeds, dye silks, make sock monsters, write, cook, blow up balloons, make bread, weave baskets, and spray paint.

I am not sure where Larkspur got the spray painting idea.  She certainly didn’t get if from one of the “green” crafting books for kids that we have.  If she weren’t so insistent about it, I would have discreetly eliminated spray painting from the list, hoping she wouldn’t remember.
We have several local thrift stores that display their goods outdoors in their parking lots, so I am always looking them over when we drive by.  The other day I spotted this little doll high chair and pulled in to check it out.  It’s not in great shape and it was only five bucks.  Perfect for teaching the “art” of spray painting. When we got the chair home, Larkspur and Bea got to work prepping it for it’s paint job by wiping it down.

The following day we headed outside for the big spray painting lesson.  Larkspur enthusiastically reminded me of my painting shirt, and insisted that she would need to wear it to paint the chair (in hindsight-I should have made her wear a mask too.)  Beatrix (who based on her overall dirtiness must have already been outside) joined us, but only to watch from a distance.
I scanned the directions on the back of the can, and trying not to get too hung up on how toxic this stuff must be, I gave Larkspur her lesson in how to spray paint:  “Shake the can a lot and hold it a little ways away from the chair while you spray it.  Try not to let the paint get drippy.”
She indicated that she understood by shaking the can for a second before taking aim.
I really expected her to lose interest, but she never did.  She was all about that pale pink spray paint.
I think it helped that her brothers kept begging her to let them have a turn.
She told them over and over again, “NO!  This is MY kindergarten work!”
When you’ve got three older brothers, it feels really good to get to do something that for once they don’t get to do as well.
While Larkspur did get to check spray painting off her list, I didn’t officially start our new homeschool year last week as I had planned. Tomorrow, I am truly ready to begin homeschooling my oldest four (say a prayer for me!)  I will talk in much more detail about my plans for kindergarten later this week.  Larkspur is going to have a lot of fun this year!

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