Knit for Japan: The hats are on their way!

This was the scene in my living room on Friday afternoon.  It was time to count all of the items that I had received, repackage them to be mailed to Betsy, and then on to Japan!
I was super crazy and banned Trudy (our dog) from the room, had my kids vacuum twice, and then laid out a clean blanket so we could separate the items by type, count them, and then repack them all into two big boxes.
As we unpacked and sorted, Larkspur squealed, “There are millions of hats!”  My kids were all so excited over the crazy huge number of things, and so was I!  I loved reading all of your notes as well.  Thank you!!!
As I started counting, Larkspur once again noted that there were “at least a million.”
So, do you want to know the total so far?
(Betsy is still receiving packages through August 1, but I have the total as of July 24)
570 hats!!!
100 scarves
12 cowls
30 pairs mittens/gloves
11 pairs socks/slippers
21 baby sweaters
2 baby blanket
2 baby pants
1 adult sweater
81 washcloths
3 headbands
1 shawl
1 pair of baby booties
3 sets legwarmers
3 sets wrist warmers
1 earwarmer
That’s 842 items so far!
Betsy’s original goal was 400 hats.
Betsy has started a blog and is documenting the Knit for Japan project there.  She has lots of pictures of items she has received and will be continuing to update with news and photos, so please visit her blog and subscribe or follow her so you won’t miss anything!
I want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for making this project a huge success!  You are all so kind and so generous.  Thank you.

I love to hear from you!