Her favorite thing

Larkspur’s “knitting friend” (mine too!) as she calls her, has a birthday today.  In honor of this day, Larkspur and I want to share with Elizabeth some pictures of her latest (well, second ever) knitting project.  I cast on a hat and knit a ribbed brim using the yarn that Elizabeth sent us to dye with Easter Egg dyes.  I then handed it over to Larkspur so that she can knit the stockinette portion of the hat.  Knitting in the round is proving much simpler for Larkspur than knitting back and forth.
Snuggling up next to her baby brother to knit is Larkspur’s absolute favorite thing to do right now.  I have to agree with her.  Snuggling with a newborn and doing a bit of knitting is really lovely if you can manage a few minutes without a certain two year old turning somersaults on the bed right next to the baby.
Larkspur has truly mastered the knit stitch and loves to demonstrate to me that she can knit with her eyes closed now.
I must say that my five year old knitter does not stay focused on her knitting for very long. Her knitting attention span allows for multiple, short knitting sessions each day, each time knitting only a few stitches.


She is extremely silly during her little sessions with me and giggles constantly over the mistakes that she almost makes.  She spends more time demonstrating the ways to knit a stitch incorrectly than she actually does knitting.
I am thinking that if this hat is ever to be finished that I will need to sneak a round in here and there.
There is plenty of time though before Lark will need her hat.
So for now, I will embrace her silly girl style and pace.
(and her uncombed hair, hot wheels tattoos, and swim shirt turned everyday wear, all signs that we have a new baby.)
But honestly, I can’t wait to see Larkspur in this bright and colorful hat!  So much fun!
Happy, Happy Birthday Elizabeth!!!

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