Archives for May 26, 2011

Garden Notes

There’s lots growing, lots going in the ground, and lots going on in general in our garden!  Unfortunately I have already started seeing the return of the horrid squash bugs, but today I will focus on all the positives!
Jonny built me a new structure to grow beans on.  This one is planted with purple podded pole beans, and he is going to build me another for Christmas pole lima beans.  In the front part of this bed I just planted dixie speckled butterpeas.  All three of these types of beans/peas are new in my garden this year.

I got my tomatoes planted a couple of weeks ago, and Jonny mulched and caged them for me.  I can’t remember all the varieties that I planted, mainly heirlooms, so I’ll talk about that later!  There are yellow onions planted along the sides of my tomato beds and a few basil plants scattered here and there as well.

All of the potatoes are doing really well and starting to flower.  I’ve killed a few Colorado potato beetles, but nothing to concern me.  We never have a huge problem with them.  On the right you can just see the garlic, which I don’t have much hope for.  I am just not convinced it is going to bulb.
(cat:  Shosta)

Gabe is happy because I got his okra planted.  He loves okra and always volunteers to be in charge of it.  This year I planted “Bowling Red.”  Jonny saved seeds from last year as well, so we’ll plant another bed in a few weeks when I more space opens up in the garden.

Our Wando peas are flowering like crazy so it will just be a couple of weeks before they are ready.

Larkspur calls a little corner of the asparagus bed “hers” and she grows a hodge podge of different things in her little spot. She knew she wanted this lupine when she saw it at the local farm store.
New this year is a “three sisters garden.”  We’ll see how it goes…
I’ve not planted corn in many years because the raccoons ate it all the one year I did.

The girls helped plant the corn seeds.

Beatrix probably planted some in the wrong spots, but that will be easy enough to remedy.

She’s actually a very good gardener, sometimes.  She planted all of my purple podded pole bean seedlings earlier this week telling me that she was a “little gardener.”  She followed my instructions perfectly and recited them while she worked next to me.  “Put the soil in. Pat it care-fu-wee…”
There are lots of dirty bottoms at my house.  Every…single…day.

And finally:  Seth’s Japanese maple nursery is doing well and he is very excited about it!