Archives for May 23, 2011

Still Waiting

Funny, I actually felt closer to having this baby a week ago than I do now.  The end of this pregnancy is not following the same pattern that my last three did.  We’ve had two false alarms;  Jonny and I racing around to get things ready only to have everything stop, and at this point I am back to living each day like it’s any other.  The way I see it, every day I stay pregnant, I get something else planted in my garden, and I can’t complain about that!  If I am still here tomorrow, I’ll show you what we’ve been doing out there.  I hope I am, because I’ve got seeds soaking that need to be planted in the morning!
For now, a glimpse of the past few days….
I’ve been taking walks with the boys to pick daisies.
And of course there’s that whole walking helps get labor started idea (Although not for me evidently.  I only seem to have contractions if I am trying to sleep.)
Trudy has been following me around like she knows something is up.
She’s also shedding like crazy which is making me crazy.  Here Jonny is about to throw her a bite of egg.  She makes a very funny suction sound with her mouth when she grabs food midair.  I need to make a little movie to show you, because surely you would love to hear it.
Mama raccoon had her babies and is coming mid day to raid the compost bucket.  She only does this when she’s nursing.  We assume it’s the same raccoon every year, but of course there may be a whole slew of different mamas coming to eat. (photo taken through the glass door)

Little bouquets are left here and there.  I try to get them into water before they wilt.
Thanks for all the sweet comments, emails, thoughts, and prayers!  Surely I will have more exciting news for you later this week, but in the meantime, I am heading back outside to plant some dixie speckled butterpeas.