Archives for May 20, 2011

These Days

We are enjoying early harvests.
(lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and strawberries)

*strawberry popsicles, strawberry dumplings, strawberry muffins, and of course, strawberry shortcake*
I’ve been planting, and transplanting
I’ve done a bit of sewing using fun fabric given to my girls

Sparkly Our Lady of Guadalupe knitting bags for both.  Bea will need hers eventually, right?

I am loving this pattern, planning to knit several

Jonny continues to manage to read the books that are requested over and over without going crazy, even with a two year old perched on his head.
He is also passing his love for Japanese maples to our boys.  This tree was dug from beneath the parent tree as a two leafed seedling many years ago when Jonny worked at the Athens Botanical Gardens during college.

He and the boys came home yesterday with dozens of rescued seedlings.  Seth is making plans to start a nursery.  All he needs is for “Daddy to build me a building to hold the trees, you know soon.”  
Our front porch is unforgivably disasterous.  We really should rope it off with yellow tape.  Jonny says he just needs another month and it will be finished.  I am not sure that finishing the flagstone will translate to our children becoming super neat and tidy out there though.
I am struck by beauty in unexpected places, even the compost bucket.
I am wondering what my baby’s birthday is going to be…
I probably won’t be back here until I know.