Archives for May 14, 2011

Trying to capture the stripes (BSJ KAL)

I am participating in my first ever knit along, knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket.
What makes this really special for me is that I am knitting my jacket with self striping cashmere yarn that was dyed and spun for me by Elizabeth Dehority.  Every stitch feels like a gift, because it is.  Elizabeth created this yarn with the goal of achieving a subtle stripe in shades of blue and green.  She did a beautiful job, as I believe the yarn is striping just as she had hoped.  I hate that I can’t show her my progress in person, so this morning I took photos in several different locations. The light makes such a difference, and really you just can’t capture the beauty of this with a photograph.  But, I’ve tried.
I am fifty rows in, and getting ready to stop and wait on furthur instructions so I don’t mess up!


I think this is the best representation (on Larkspur’s unmade bed.)
Thank you Elizabeth!
Baby Surprise Jacket KnitAlong