Archives for May 10, 2011

Just Be

-By some miracle both of my girls slept all night last night.  Larkspur has been having some major middle of the night issues.  I am hoping and praying that we are moving passed that.

-Seth made recycled crayons for me this morning (belated Mother’s Day gift)

-Larkspur told me that they were going to clean the house for me too, but Keats didn’t want to…

-Beatrix found a pair of brand new tights and wore them outside with no shoes on

-I finished a knitting project last night and plan to cast on another tonight

-I cleaned out the cabinet under the sink.  Jonny calls that nesting.  I call it necessary.  It had been about two years.

-I found an interesting cast iron pan at the thrift store similar to this one last week

-Jonny made Danish Aebleskiver Pancakes in it today for lunch (with chocolate chips.)  They were really good.

-I ran errands this afternoon and had not one, but two, men offer to help me load my van at Costco.  I thankfully accepted.

-There are two days left to vote and you can vote once each day.  Please help keep Small Things in the top 25 homeschooling blogs!

-The full moon is the 17th…Blessed John Paul II’s birthday is the 18th….