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Early Walk

Because by next week, all will have changed already…
I just had such a quiet little walk, and I want to share:
peat potted salad greens just for fun




four big beds of them
I can’t wait

crimson clover
Does everyone get super excited when their cover crops start blooming?  No?  Crimson clover is a big deal at our house.

peas-not as many as I had hoped have come up.  I quickly scattered the seeds this year as my two year old helper wouldn’t allow for neat rows.


We’ve been eating lots of yummy collard greens, planted last fall.  It is amazing how quickly they went from small plants to towering greens going to seed as soon as the weather warmed.

Intruder wraps himself around my legs as I walk, and purrs deceptively.  I walk in fear of those claws.  He turns in an instant, sinking them along with his teeth in my calves.  What a bad cat.  He was dubbed “Intruder years ago when he arrived as a bullying tomcat.  I had him neutered, and I guess I should have renamed him “Resident.”  He’s always here.  Bad cat.

Beatrix picks the irises as soon as she steps outside each day.  I have to be quick if I want a photo.

Our blueberry bushes are kind of sad.  I haven’t done the best job with them.  Jonny wants to plant dozens more.  Maybe next year.   We built our chicken coop far too close to this little row of bushes.  Of course the chickens aren’t complaining.