Archives for April 16, 2011

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The woods surrounding our home are full of old homesites and old dump sites, both having exciting appeal to our children.  I am forever sorting through the piles of “treasure” that are brought home, and having to remind myself, “okay-it’s more important that they get to have these adventures and discover these wonderful (sometimes lovely, oftentimes ugly) things–than it is for me to have a tidy yard.”  My kids are admittedly also learning to hide their “treasures” from me to keep them safe from the recycling can. 
There is a huge hedge of sorts on our property that Seth named “Bushroom (rhymes with mushroom) Doors,” many many years ago.  Currently it is home to a big collection of bottles and jars filled with their homemade black walnut dye.  I am not sure that they have a plan for the dye, they just enjoy making it.
This week, Seth made the thrilling discovery of ruffled daffodils naturalized around and old homesite.  He is especially in love with daffodils.  Everyone insisted that I join them on an adventure to visit the flowers, and Larkspur led me there.  There is something magical about these old places, and I wish I could tell whomever planted those daffodils, decades ago, that we are still appreciating them. 
And of course, I never complain about handfuls of flowers being carried home.
(p.s.  The pattern for Larkspur’s red sweater is from Phoebe’s Sweater)