Archives for April 14, 2011

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Beatrix asks to paint with great urgency (“I need to paint!”) every other day or so.  Every time, I fall for her tricks.  Every time, I think that this will be the time that she quietly sits and paints on paper at the kitchen table while I do something productive like wash dishes.  But she never fails to start painting her face as soon as I get absorbed in my task.  I don’t understand the appeal, but this is what she does.  Maybe I go wrong when I chastize her with a huge smile on my face, or even worse, grab my camera.

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Little Gardener

I only got to fill a couple of pots, but I think she enjoyed herself more than I would have, and she made a much better mess.  Helping is what two year olds do best I think, and they are awfully good at being cute while they do it.