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A door of our very own

In a few months we will be celebrating nine years in our little house.  During these nine years Jonny and I have used three of the six rooms in our house as our bedroom at different times.  None of these rooms have had a door.  Certainly the most unconventional place we called our “bedroom” was the living area next to our front door (you can see it in this post).  There is something a little uncomfortable though about being able to wave hello to the UPS man from my bed.  I have been happy to be sleeping upstairs again, but our bedroom was still not private at all, as Keats and Gabe share the room adjacent to ours, and there was nothing dividing the two rooms…until now.  In the above photo, the door on the right leads to our bathroom.  The new door on the left, separates our bedroom from the boys’ room.
I was really hesitant to have Jonny put up a dividing wall and a door because I loved the open feeling of our upstairs.  But I reached a point where keeping the flow just wasn’t as important as oh my goodness–the wonderful feeling of being able to shut a door.  For almost nine years the only place I could have any privacy was the bathroom.  This new baby who is pressing his little feet into my ribs as I type, was my main motivation though.  I really, really, need a place for him to be able to sleep in relative peace and quiet during the day when he arrives.
(in the above photo-the new door is the one straight ahead, the door on the right leads to my closet)
The new wall encloses shelves that Jonny attached to the back side of our chimney years ago.
He also added a hidden shelf over my closet for more book storage.
Behind those shelves is the side of our brick chimney.  I took a series of three photos to try and show you the entire wall–it was tricky in the tight space.
The bottom shelf holds some of Larkspur’s favorite books.
And there are a few toys on the little brick ledge, and yet more books in baskets in the little nook created on the floor between the new wall and the side of my closet.
Of course we still share our wonderful and newly private bedroom with Larkspur and Beatrix.  And while this door will make daytime naps possible for our new little one, I haven’t figured out yet how things are going to work at night with two babes in the bed with us, and one on a bed next to ours.  We’re just going to wait and see what happens.
And just so I don’t give you the wrong idea…
We still have lots of company in our “private” bedroom.
Most of the time, this is just how we like it.