Yarn Along and a Giveaway!

Considering the fact that I had to rip out to skeins worth of yarn on Keats’ birthday sweater a few days ago, I am not going to talk about that this week, despite the fact that it is what I am spending most of my knitting time working on.  I doubt it will be finished in time for his birthday Friday, but hopefully quite soon thereafter.
Also on my needles is a fisherman’s pullover for Beatrix in economical Cascade Eco+ yarn, and a basic hat for Gabriel in an olive Malabrigo chunky.  I will be happy when I can sit down and finish up those quick projects.  I need some instant gratification!  You can see a bit of the colorful little hat that Keats is working on for the new baby, on the right.  He’s not really been in the mood to knit this week though and hasn’t made much progress yet.
I am reading Precious Bane by Mary Webb.  I am not sure what I think of it yet.  The dialect is a bit difficult to read but I am starting to get used to it.  Has anyone else read this? 
Today’s Giveaway Details

Today, courtesy of Shannon of The Spun Monkey, you have the opportunity to win this gorgeous skein of handspun yarn.  “Princess” is 100% hand painted falklands wool, spun bulky 2-ply. 118 yards, 3.6 ounces.
You can learn more about Shannon by visiting her blog, and I am happy to share with you a bit more about her small business here.
Shannon uses humanely sourced, sustainable, and recycled materials to create her beautiful fiber art.  In her words, The Spun Monkey is a love affair with process, with creative collaboration, with a patch of grass. Wool from small family farms is lovingly crafted into artful supplies for knitting, weaving and crochet or wet-felted into joyful adornments to keep you cozy.
Shannon is also looking to grow her small business – a fiber studio in rural Vermont! – with a little help from Kickstarter, a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.
Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.  Shannon has one week left to meet her goal.
Anyone can make a pledge to help Shannon grow her business, and any amount helps. And just like pledge drives on PBS and NPR, pledgers receive perks (as in free yarn!) When you help Shannon, you help yourself.  To break it down for you, if everyone who reads my blog today pledges a dollar, Shannon will meet her goal and get the funding she needs to expand her small business.  But an even better deal is pledging twenty five dollars.  At that level, you will receive a hand-dyed skein of handspun farm wool or 8-ounce braid of handpainted wool top.  You can learn more about Shannon’s project and the perks that come at each level of giving, and make a pledge by visiting her Kickstarter page.  I think it’s so neat to have the opportunity to help her, and receive some of her yarn or fiber in exchange!
This giveaway is only for participants in today’s Yarn Along, and I will use a random number generator to determine the winner on Thursday.

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