Sewing for Susan and Lucy

Last Christmas, I had this grand plan to make waldorf dolls for Larkspur and Beatrix.  I’ve made waldorf dolls before, but not the sort of dolls with actual arms and legs and hair.  When my dad sent a nice Christmas check to buy gifts for all the kids, I decided to cut myself some slack.  I ended up ordering each girl an Evi doll from Bella Luna Toys.  I have not regretted the purchase, and the girls absolutely love these dolls.  Were this post about the dolls, I could say a lot more about how I love them too.  But I will stay on topic and just say that I have been meaning to sew more clothes for Susan and Lucy  (we were listening to the Chronicles of Narnia on CD when the dolls arrived) for weeks now.
So last night, when I should have been in bed, I was actually searching for doll clothes patterns online when I remembered that “duh” I have a whole book on doll making along with clothing patterns (I think mine is an older out of print version of Making Waldorf Dolls.)  So I sat up making copies, cutting out patterns, and then assembling them with rubber cement (since I have children and therefore never have tape.)
I decided that I would get everything ready the night before and then try sewing during the day “with” the girls.  If not realistic, at least I am positive!
For a little while they played next to the table where I was sewing.
Eventually Larkspur told Beatrix to “read” Susan and Lucy some stories while she took charge of the important task of spreading fabric scraps all over the kitchen.
Beatrix soon tired of that and joined me at the table.
I somehow managed to sew one kinda funny dress for Bea’s Lucy.  The patterns in my book are very basic, so I was playing around with ideas, combining more than I maybe should have in one dress.  I think these dresses will evolve with time, and I still have several other patterns to try.
Beatrix didn’t care how many places I added elastic, she was just really excited that Lucy got a new dress.
It’s funny, I really thought I was going to be sewing these entire new wardrobes for both Susan and Lucy today, and all I managed was one wonky dress.  It’s a start though!
For more sewing, visit Julia’s Thursday Sewing Bee!


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