All that glitters


Earlier this week, my kids made Valentines.  I timed things so this would take place while Beatrix was sleeping (one of her sick days.)  The thought of all those supplies spread on the table, and especially the glitter, combined with a two year old, just did not appeal to me.  I have a bit of a love-hate thing going on when it comes to glitter.  It all goes back to a time when I was about six years old and decided that I would look absolutely beautiful if I painted glitter nail polish on my eyelids.  That was a bad choice.
Then there’s the way that glitter finds it’s way into every little crack in my kitchen any time I am brave enough to pull it out.  The last time I mustered the courage was many years ago, and there is still glitter embedded in the grain of our kitchen table from that time.  And with the invention of glitter glue, is the shaking sort of glitter really necessary?
Well, indeed it is, as there is something about sprinkling glitter in little puddles of glue that just can’t be replaced.  Were I not busy trying not to interfere with my kids’ Valentine making, I would have been playing with glitter myself.  I intend to have a late night session to make my own Valentine’s sometime soon.  I won’t be using glitter glue.
And my plan to exclude Beatrix?  It didn’t work out.  She woke up and immediately decided that her favorite materials to work with were white glue and sparkly glitter.  I survived and so did my kitchen.
And now we have a lovely pile of Valentine’s to put in the mail.


  1. What a mess!

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