A Giveaway in honor of…

(it’s kind of hard, and kind of silly, to try to get a good picture of a pile of bags.)
A couple of weeks ago, after being chastised by a stranger about my reusable grocery bags, (which by the way, weren’t even dirty in my relatively clean opinion) I came across a really good sale on a variety of bags made by the company that makes my favorite, sturdiest, grocery bags-the ones I bought many years ago that are still going strong.  I thought it wise to stock up on a few new ones while they are so cheap, and then thought I ought to buy some extra to share with one of you.  Since you can’t tell much from the pictures, I will link to each of these bags so you know exactly what I am giving away. 
I am giving away to one person, a total of six reusable shopping bags.
I have been using all of these, and like them all.  I am trying to do a better job at remembering to carry my own bags on errands other than grocery shopping, and I especially like the red ones for that.  They fold up really compact and can be stuffed in my purse, but then expand to a nice size and seem very strong.  They are also made from 100% recycled fabric.
(I will add that while I am linking away to reuseit.com here, they have no idea who I am.  I just like some of their stuff.  and this sale that is still going on, is a really good one in case you need some bags!)
If you would like to win these bags, just leave a comment on this post.  The winner will be announced on Thursday.
And in unrelated news:
There will be a Yarn Along giveaway this Wednesday with our regular Yarn Along, so I hope lots of you are planning to participate!
I also want to share how I am handling sponsored Yarn Along giveaways, just so you know.  Here is the deal:  If a shop owner or small business volunteers to sponsor a Yarn Along giveaway, I, as a thank you, am offering complimentary ad space on my blog for the month following the giveaway.  I view it as a great way to give to those of you who participate in theYarn Along, and to the lovely ladies who run these shops and who have volunteered to give some of their beautiful yarn to one of you!  I also really love being introduced to new yarn sources, especially ones that I can feel good about supporting.  Any small business owners interested in this (or if you would like to recommend one to me) just send me an email!
Okay, this is really unrelated, but I was asked to list our favorite board books. I added a board book category to my little amazon book shop, as that seemed the easiest way to share our favorites (well Beatrix’s favorites really.)  So if you are interested, you can check that out.
And finally, Julia came up with the great idea to host a Sewing Bee each Thursday on her blog, beginning this week.  So, if you like to sew, and would like to share what you are working on, and get some inspiration from others, visit Julia’s blog for more details


  1. FincastleMom says:

    I was using some (OK) re-usable bags, but they were plastic or plastic-based, and the seams ravelled and frayed until they weren’t really “safe” to carry groceries in. For now, I’ve been re-using the paper bags provided at our grocery. So I’d love some more sturdy options that won’t clutter up my house.

  2. I have big canvas bags for my grocery bags and once when I washed one, it shrank terribly! Would love to have some that are actually washable!

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