Archives for February 14, 2011

A little preoccupation

 After a six week or so hiatus due to shorter days and molting, our hens are laying again.  One of my favorite tasks is washing the eggs each day.  I usually save it for when the rest of the kitchen is clean.  Then I can carefully lay them on a towel to dry, and admire them.  I can’t seem to stop taking egg pictures either.  Not only are they pretty, but they are really good at sitting still for photographs. 
All those lovely eggs help me to forgive our flock for destroying my herb beds and using the bathroom in places that require me to warn guests to “watch out for the chicken poop” when they arrive for a visit.
I am learning, ever so slowly, to stop making excuses for our lifestyle anyway.

(p.s.  I see from the comments that there is debate about whether or not to wash eggs.  I had no idea!  Thanks for all the information.  One day as you can see from the photos, I actually put them all in a sink of water-I guess that was bad!  I wash the dirty ones and often just do all of them just because I enjoy doing it, I didn’t know there was any reason not to.  We are always giving them to neighbors and we sell some too, so I like them to be clean and ready to go.  We have twelve nest boxes and plenty of roosts, but we still have one rooster and a couple of hens who use the bathroom in the nest boxes regularly and then everyone wants to lay their eggs in those boxes for some reason even with plenty of other clean boxes to choose from.)